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Visit our beautiful 3,000 sq. ft. store in downtown Truckee. 

See what you can save by shopping upscale consignment—in our store and online! We offer a unique, one-of-a-kind collection of gently-used, fine home furnishings and decor ranging from mountain contemporary to elegant rustic. All carefully designed, admired and preserved. 

We firmly believe in the tenet: Reduce, Recycle, Reuse and Repurpose!

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G. Hovington Native Ameri
Dimensions: 12x2x5

G. Hovington Original Sculpture Native American & Pioneer Canoeing Tan, Size: 12x2x5 Learn More

G. Hovington Man Fishing
Dimensions: 4x3x12

G. Hovington Original Sculpture - Man Fishing, Tan Size: 4x3x12 Learn More

(6) Crate & Barrel Dinin
Dimensions: 17x16.5x38

(6) Crate & Barrel Dining Chairs, Grey, Size: 17x16.5x38 Learn More

Wall Mounted Bookcase
Dimensions: 72.5"H

Wall Mounted Bookcase, White Size: 72.5"H HEIGHT OF WHITE. Minimalism scales for small spaces in clean, pristine white. A shorter version of our tall stairway white bookcase, five shelves ladder up in engineered wood with glossy lacquer. Slick powdercoated aluminum frame with hidden hardware accentuates spotless rise of white. Mounts sturdy to the wall. stairway white 72.5" wall mounted bookcase is a CB2 exclusive. DETAILS White powdercoated aluminum frame Five engineered wood shelves with hi-gloss white lacquer Learn More

Greetings From Lake Tahoe
Dimensions: 7.5x5.5

Greetings From Lake Tahoe, Size: 7.5x5.5 Learn More

Metal Lamp W/Flower Glass
Dimensions: 8Rx20H

Metal Lamp W/Flower Glass, Amber, Size: 8Rx20H Learn More

Vintage Wall Mounted Wood
Dimensions: 44Lx4.5D

Vintage Wall Mounted Wood, Brown, Size: 44Lx4.5D Learn More

Carole Cooke - Lake/Tree/
Dimensions: 29x36

Carole Cooke - Lake/Tree/Mountains Sold in 2003 for $3,900.00 Size: 29x36 Learn More

Animated Metal Fisherman
Dimensions: 10Rx53H

Animated Metal Fisherman, Size: 10Rx53H Learn More

Woven Stick Pot
Dimensions: 16Rx34H

Woven Stick Pot, Size: 16Rx34H Learn More

Green/Red Table Runner
Dimensions: 72x14

Green/Red Table Runner, Size: 72x14 Learn More

Stick Table Runner
Dimensions: 62x15

Stick Table Runner, Brown, Size: 62x15 Learn More