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Branch Base Bench
Dimensions: 60Wx22Dx35

Branch Base Bench Size: 60Wx22Dx35H Learn More

Teak Bench
Dimensions: 65Lx22Dx17

Teak Bench Size: 65Lx22Dx17H Learn More

Sleigh Bench
Dimensions: 66Lx29Dx31

Sleigh Bench Size: 66Lx29Dx31H Learn More

Hand Carved Bear Bench
Dimensions: 82Lx41Tx19

Hand Carved Bear Bench Size: 82Lx41Tx19D Learn More

Custom Bench Metal Base
Dimensions: 54Lx11Wx18

Custom Wood Top and Metal Base Size: 54Lx11Wx18T Learn More

Old Hickory Bench
Dimensions: 46Wx17Dx29
$599.00 $869.00 (save 31%)

Old Hickory Bench Size: 46Wx17Dx29H Learn More

Leather Bench
Dimensions: 48Lx18Dx24
$269.00 $385.00 (save 30%)

Leather Bench Size: 48Lx18Dx24 Learn More

Custom Douglas Fir
Dimensions: 54Lx18T

Custom Douglas Fir and Steel Size: 54Lx18T Learn More

Storage Bench
Dimensions: 51Lx19Wx14
$149.00 $284.00 (save 48%)

Storage Bench Size: 51Lx19Wx14H Learn More

Pith Bench 71 L

Pith Bench 71 L, None, Size: None Learn More