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Clay Pot
Dimensions: 9Wx7H

Clay Pot Size: 9Wx7H Learn More

Wood Bowl
Dimensions: 15Wx12Dx8H

Wood Bowl Size: 15Wx12Dx8H Learn More

Deer Pewter Candle Holder
Dimensions: 14Hx10Wx3D

Deer Pewter Candle Holder, Set Of 2, Size: 14Hx10Wx3D Learn More

Wood Candle Holders

Wood Candle Holders, Set Of 3 Large: 24Hx6W Med: 21Hx5W Small: 18Hx5W Learn More

Double TP Holder
Dimensions: 12Wx6Dx6H

Double TP Holder Size: 12Wx6Dx6H Learn More

Handwoven TP Roll Holder
Dimensions: 7Hx6W

Handwoven TP Roll Holder Size: 7Hx6W Learn More

PB Tava Ice Bucket
Dimensions: 16Hx12W

PB Tava Ice Bucket Size: 16Hx12W Learn More

Dakota Pot
Dimensions: 5Hx5W

Dakota Pot Size: 5Hx5W Learn More

Dakota Pot
Dimensions: 5.5Hx7W

Dakota Pot Size: 5.5Hx7W Learn More

Nate Berkus Brass Vase
Dimensions: 12Hx6Wx4D

Nate Berkus Brass Vase Size: 12Hx6Wx4D Learn More

Tom Dixon Candle Holders
Dimensions: 19Hx4W

Tom Dixon Candle Holders Size: 19Hx4W 13Hx4W Learn More

Glass Vase
Dimensions: 11Hx5W

Glass Vase Size: 11Hx5W Learn More