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 1,477 What's Happening Illustrations & Clip Art 

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Our purpose is to raise operational funds for the Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation Center while serving the public’s need for a place to consign and purchase high quality, gently used and reasonably priced home furnishings, jewelry, artwork and home decor.

All proceeds from the store go directly to Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation Center to help the animals in our care.

Let's save some Critters!

Ottoman Poppin
Size: 20x20x18

Ottoman Poppin, Grey, Size: 20x20x18 Learn More

Plaque Sid Dickens Piano
Size: 6x8

Plaque Sid Dickens Piano, B&W, Size: 6x8 Also - Plaque Sid Dickens Mozart, #87153 $74 Learn More

Basket Of Porcelain Eggs
Size: 14 Pieces

Basket Of Porcelain Eggs - 14 Pieces Learn More

Figurine Rabbit
Size: 12\" H

Figurine Rabbit, White, Size: 12\" H Learn More

Loom Ashford Rigid Heddle
Size: Accessorie

Loom Ashford Rigid Heddle, NEW, Accessories Learn More

Drum Carder Elite Clemes
Size: Accessorie

Drum Carder Elite Clemes & Clemes, NEW, With Accessories Learn More

Paperweight Millefiori
Size: Rnd

Paperweight Millefiori, Multi, Round Learn More

Size: -

Eisenberg Clips Learn More

Chaise Bassett Furniture
Size: 30x64x34

Chaise Bassett Furniture, Grey, Size: 30x64x34 Learn More

Shawl Piano
Size: 36\" Sq

Piano Shawl Size: 36\" Sq Learn More

Mirror Custom
Size: 28x60

Custom Full Length Mirror Size: 28x60 Learn More

Cross Wall
Size: 38x51

Ornate Metal Wall Cross Size: 38x51 Learn More