Wall Hanging Block Art
Size: 36x37

Wall Hanging Block Art, Painted, Size: 36x37 Learn More

Painting Abstract Women
Size: 11x14

Original Painting Abstract Women - for those of us that cant afford Picasso! Size: 11x14 Learn More

Drawing Leonard Baskin
Size: 15x16

Drawing Leonard Baskin, Signed, Size: 15x16 Learn More

Copper Panel Art Original
Size: 3 Panel

Copper Panel Art Original work by David Grojean, Size: 3 Panel Learn More

Painting Roses Original
Size: 21x25

Original Painting Roses from Belgium GldFrame, Size: 21x25 Learn More

Painting Oil Fernandez
Size: 32x44

"Vase of Flowers", Original Oil Painting by Fernandez. Size: 32x44 Original Receipt $1665.00 attached. Learn More

Print Wood Block/Saito
Size: 29x23

Print Wood Block/Saito, NO DISC, Size: 29x23 Learn More

Painting Vintage Hadley
Size: 44x32

Painting Vintage Hadley, -, Size: 44x32 Learn More