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Lamp Floor Pottery Barn
Size: Adjust

Lamp Floor Pottery Barn, Task, Metal, Size: Adjustable Learn More

Lamp Table Ceramic Italy
Size: 26H

Lamp Table Ceramic Italy, Painted, Size: 26H Learn More

Lamp Table Frederick Coop
Size: 32 H

Lamp Table Frederick Cooper, Black, Size: 32 H Matching lamp #10960, $99 Learn More

Lamp Floor 2 Lights
Size: 72 H

2- Light FLoor lamp with separate controls and dimmer Size: 72 H Learn More

Lamp Table Quoizel
Size: 35 H

Lamp Table,Quoizel Brown, Size: 35 H Matching Lamp available, 10715 $129 Learn More

Pendant Light
Size: Set Of 3

Set of 3 Glass Pendants Learn More

Lamp Table
Size: 30 H

Lamp Table Size: 30 H Learn More

Lamp Crane Pewter/Brass
Size: 29
$210.00 $349.00 (save 40%)

Antique Pewter & Brass Crane tavle lamp Size: 29 Learn More

Pendant Industrial
Size: -

Pendant Industrial Learn More

Lamp Table
Size: 28 H

Lamp Table wood base Size: 28 H Learn More

Lamp Table Ornate 3 Pilla
Size: 31H

Lamp Table Ornate 3 Pillar, Size: 31H Learn More

Lamp Table Vintage
Size: 28 Tall

Vintage table lamp Size: 28 Tall Learn More