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We are a nonprofit.

We are a Thrift Shop and a Consignment Gallery!

Our purpose is to raise operational funds for the Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation Center while serving the public’s need for a place to consign and purchase high quality, gently used & reasonably priced home furnishings, jewelry, artwork & decor.

All proceeds from the store go directly to Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation Center to help the animals in our care.  Let's save some critters!

Measurements are approximate – please visit for exact measurements.
Size: Hanging
$75.00 $149.00 (save 50%)

Chrome geometric pendant light Learn More

Loom Ashford Rigid Heddle
Size: Accessorie

Loom Ashford Rigid Heddle, NEW, Accessories Learn More

Thrift Shoes - $4 & Up
Size: $4 & Up
$4.00 $75.00 (save 95%)

Thrift Shoes - $4 & Up Priced as Marked Size: Varied Learn More

Thrift Books - Paperback
Size: $3.00 Ea

Thrift Books - Paperback, $3 or as marked. Learn More

Thrift Books Hardback
Size: $4.00 Ea

Thrift Books Hardback, $4 each or as marked. Learn More

Thrift Bulk Clothing
Size: $4 Each

Thrift Bulk Clothing: $4 each Learn More