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We have safety guidelines in place for shopping, donating and consigning. Please visit our website for up to date information. www.greenwoodconsignment.org 

You can continue to purchase and pickup by appointment!  

Our purpose is to raise operational funds for the Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation Center while serving the public’s need for a place to consign and purchase high quality, gently used and reasonably priced home furnishings, jewelry, artwork and home decor.

All proceeds from the store go directly to Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation Center to help the animals in our care.

Let's save some Critters!

Glassware Cups
Size: Set Of 6

Glassware Cups, Green, Size: Set Of 6 Matching set of 7 82201 $33/set Learn More

Size: ~

Tear drop glass earrings Learn More

Book Colorado Colore
Size: ~

Colorado Colore Cookbook - like new Learn More

Cabinet Floor 5 Drawers
Size: 12x13x14

Cabinet 5 Drawers, Black, Size: 12x13x14 Learn More

Vase Global Views
Size: 16"H

Vase Global Views, Blues, Size: 16"H Learn More

Vase Crackle
Size: 7x16

Vase Crackle, Green, Size: 7x16 Matching vase #82173 $79 each Learn More

Mirror Faux Leopard Frame
Size: 26x37

Mirror Faux Leopard Frame, Brown/Yellow, Size: 26x37 Learn More

Table Electrical 2 Shelve
Size: 18x18x30

Table Charging Station/Strip 2 Shelve, Wood, Size: 18x18x30 Learn More

Bowl Round
Size: 17x6

Bowl Round, Multi, Size: 17x6 Learn More

Mugs Local Artist
Size: Set 4

Mugs Local Artist, Green, Size: Set 4 Mugs Local Artist, Pair #82088 $26 Mugs Local Artist, Pair #82089 $26 Learn More

Umbrella & Stand Outdoor
Size: 9 D

Umbrella & Stand Outdoor, Brown, Size: 9' D Matching Umbrella & Stand - #82064 $139.00 Learn More

Firepit Outdoor
Size: 20x20x30

Firepit Outdoor, Brown, Size: 20x20x30 Learn More