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Our purpose is to raise operational funds for the Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation Center while serving the public’s need for a place to consign and purchase high quality, gently used & reasonably priced home furnishings, jewelry, artwork & decor.All proceeds from the store go directly to Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation Center to help the animals in our care.

Let's save some critters!


Measurements are approximate – please visit for exact measurements.

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Lamp Table Bubble Glass
Size: 34 H

Bubble Glass Table Lamp Size: 34 H Learn More

Sofa Crate & Barrel 3 Sea
Size: 90x36x30

Sofa Crate & Barrel Size: 90x36x30 Learn More

Plates Dakota Stoneware
Size: Set Of 6

Plates Dakota Stoneware Animal Plates, Size: Set Of 6 Second set of 8 also available Item #9558 Learn More

Stools Bar Pier 1
Size: PAIR

Stools Bar Pier 1 Size: PAIR Learn More

Lamp Stained Glass
Size: 24 H

Lamp Stained Glass Size: 24 H Learn More

Painting Oil Abstract
Size: 13x25

Original Abstract Oil Painting Size: 13x25 Learn More

Poster Grateful Dead 50th
Size: 13x20

Poster Grateful Dead 50th Anniversary, Signed and Numbered Size: 13x20 Learn More

Print Pollock
Size: 62x33

Framed Jackson Pollock Print Size: 62x33 Learn More

Painting Fish Pakuikui
Size: 32x24

Painting Fish Pakuikui, Hawaii, Size: 32x24 Learn More

Pitcher/Stirrer Block
Size: 12 H

Pitcher & Stirrer Size: 12 H Learn More

Plates Salad Guy Buffet
Size: Set Of 6

Guy Buffet Salad Plated Size: Set Of 6 Learn More

Screen/Divider 3 Panel
Size: 72 H

Screen/Divider 3 Panel, Bamboo, Size: 72 H Learn More