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Louis Vuitton (2003)

Size: Papillon


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Louis Vuitton (2003) Papillon
One of the older Louis Vuitton handbags, but definitely not any less popular because of it. The Louis Vuitton Papillon has been around for over 50 years and can be found in various colors, designs and materials, and has been spotted around the arm of many celebrities including Victoria Beckham, Wu Xuanyi, Lauren Conrad, and Chloë Sevigny.
The Papillon is designed by Henri Racamier, the husband of Louis Vuitton’s great granddaughter. He launched the bag in 1966 and it has been popular ever since. The French word “Papillon” means butterfly. The design of the bag, supposedly, is inspired by a butterfly. The shape of the bag is circular, representing the body of a butterfly, while the handles look like the wings.
The most recognizable part of the Papillon is undoubtedly the cylindrical shape. The tube-like bag, can be held with its two straps. The straps are not adjustable, but long enough to be worn on the shoulder. The bag has one main compartment and no extra pockets, neither inside or out.

This bag is from April of 2003 (over 21 years old)
Its is in great condition for the age of the bag. The owner did have rings added for a strap, they did not damage the bag or produce any depreciation to the bag, they are easily removed. The owner included her authentic LV strap with the bag (usually retails from 100.00 to 350.00 used).
The coated canvas is in great condition. The leather trim has tanned, no cracking or dry spots.