H. Hal Kramer 8/Prints
Size: C. 1960s

Great set of 8 H. Hal Kramer "Parts of Speech" Gilt & Velvet Framed Hand-Colored prints. These were copied from a c.1920s british book called "The Paths of Learning Strewed with Flowers English Grammar by Asaph Willard. The prints were done in Chicago c.1960s. 5 3/8 tall X 4 1/4 wide x 1/2 deep. To see each individual print, click on main photo and click arrow to move to more photos. Pick up in store or I'll ship priority mail. Learn More

Waltham Military Aircraft
Size: C.1967

Waltham Precision Instruments A-13-A-1 Mechanical Military USAF Aircraft Clock/Chronograph, 20 Jewel. c.1967. Black dial with lunimous arabic numerals & hands. The second hand works when button pressed but not sure about the rest. Looks like it needs a good cleaning but is in good shape for a Vietnam Era piece of military history. Will ship priority mail. Learn More