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We are excited to bring this new way of shopping right into your home! Please call our store at 941-896-8820 if you are interested in any of the items listed in our online store. Items sell quickly in our showroom, and a lot of times, faster than we can keep the online store updated. If the item you are interested in, is available, we will be happy to run the sale through over the telephone with your credit card payment. ALSO... please note that the items purchased through the online store, must be picked up within two business days. It is possible at times, to make special arrangements, but these arrangements must be approved before purchase. We also have available some trusted partners that can arrange delivery of items, if needed, they are not a part of our business, however they can work up a separate quote for you, if needed. Enjoy browsing through our online store, but please do come visit us in person at What A Find!

Antique Drop Secretary
Size: 32x46

Antique Drop Secretary, Size: 32x46 Learn More

French Country 7 Drawer
Size: 24x17x48

French Country 7 Drawer, Size: 24x17x48 Learn More

Blue White Handpainted!
Size: 42x20x63

Blue White Handpainted!, Size: 42x20x63 Learn More

Gold/bge Chair W Skirt
Size: 37in Wide

Gold/bge Chair W Skirt, Size: 37in Wide Learn More

Hand Painted/hibiscus!
Size: 25in.

Hand Painted/hibiscus!, Size: 25in. Learn More

White 2 Tier/sweet!
Size: 19in.

White 2 Tier/sweet!, None, Size: 19in. Learn More

Rattan 2 Tier Glass Top
Size: 28in.

Rattan 2 Tier Glass Top, None, Size: 28in. Learn More

Totoise Bamboo PAIR!
Size: Pair

Totoise Bamboo PAIR!, Size: Pair Learn More

White/gls Top/stook/drawe
Size: 39x20x63 H

White/gls Top/stook/drawe, Size: 39x20x63 H Learn More

Tea Set/red/wht/cup/Sauce
Size: 8 Place

Tea Set/red/wht/cup/Sauce 8 Place Learn More

Wht. Wicker/1drw/w/mirror
Size: 30x16x54"h

Wht. Wicker/1drw/w/mirror Size: 30x16x54"h Learn More

Gls. Top/brz Metal Base4c
Size: 48"Rnd.

Gls. Top/brz Metal Base 4 chairs 48"Rnd. Learn More