UPDATED Selling procdures in light of the Covid 19 guidelines: 

We are so excited to be open!  We have taken extra measures to have a safe environment for our shoppers and consignors.  During this time we will need to adjust the selling and buying procedures to keep everyone safe and healthy.  Please read the following:




Selling safely!! 

WE need your items!  We also need to accept them safely, so we have some changes ( Let's hope it will be temporary we love our intake process for the last 20 years) to our policy:


1.  Appointments only. I know this an adjustment but for now we are trying our best to make it streamlined and safe for everyone.  Please, use our online scheduling tool for the quickest assistance. CLICK HERE for appointments If you can not then call or text 859-581-0222 to set up an appointment.  


2.  Limit 40 clothing items and 15 home items per appointment.   So what this means is pull your best!  Look for name brands in current style and excellent shape.  We need you to pre look at your items for any stains, tears, rips etc.  


3.  Put your freshly laundered Fall clothing items on hangers or any home items in a bin. 


Attention Sellers that had items in the store before the mandated shut down:  Your dates will be extended to reflect the number of days we were closed and or your contact time frame.  Our software guy is working on how it will show up on line.  We can not update until the day we officially open, May 20th.  Check your account online after May 21 to see your new end dates.  


Please be patient with us as we try to navigate through the new policies. This is a huge adjustment for us as well!  Thank you for supporting us and working through the guildinges we need to follow.  I know our shoppers and consignors are ready!!



 Policies before Covid 19, see above for new temporary policies.    

Walk-in-Closet is a great choice for all your shopping, buying outright, & consigning needs.  We provide high quality designer fashions for your closet & home at prices you can afford.  A good rule of thumb is, if you have not worn something within one year, it is time to part with it! If you are unsure what we accept, feel free to look around our store then prepare your items, and leave the rest to Walk-in-Closet!  We offer both consignment and buying outright (cash on the spot) options.




Questions about consignment? Find out here:


v     As you walk through our doors, you’ll be greeted by welcoming staff who will invite you up to our counter with your items. We’ll hang up your items, ask for your name and consignor number, then encourage you to look around our store. We’ll carefully look through your items and determine what we can accept *see guidelines below*. We’ll then invite you back up to our counter and explain what we can accept.




*All clothing items must be:


Current in style, within the last two years.

Freshly cleaned & pressed, in “like-new” condition free of stains, holes, etc.

Carried in on hangers, hangers will be returned to you upon request.

All seasons are accepted, however some items may be placed in storage and brought to the selling floor during the appropriate season.




v  Next, you’ll see us switch your items onto our store hangers – by request – and then we’ll enter them into our computerized inventory system. Each item is tagged with your account number and competitively priced so that you receive the most money possible. Ideally, we will have your items entered and out on our sales floor within 24 hours.


v  Items will be sold by seasons and will be placed on our sales floor for 60 days or until the end of the season, everything is subject to any of our sales or markdowns. Consignors will receive 50% off of the sale price. As your items sell, your money will accumulate in our computerized system. Visit our website, to check your balance any time, 24 hours a day.


v  In approximately 4 weeks your pieces will be reduced in price to help sell them better. After 60 days, or at the end of the season, your expired items will become property of Walk-in-Closet and donated or disposed of at our discretion.


Examples of name brands that do well for us: Ann Taylor, Banana Republic, Chico’s, New York & Company, Michael Kors, White House Black Market, Coach, Justice, Talbots, & Express etc. 


Examples of brands that we don’t accept *from mass merchandisers*: Wal-Mart, Kmart, Target, Old Navy & etc. We cannot compete with their prices.




Questions about buyout? Find out here:


v  If you are interested in our buyout option, we do ask that you call us to make an appointment. We are very selective when entering into a buyout, because if they do not sell, we are stuck with them. We look for top name brands from higher end specialty stores or department stores - items with an original minimum price point of at least $100. *See below for examples of name brands that do well for us and a few that don’t*


Questions about furniture acceptance:


v  All items must be clean, in excellent condition, current in style and in demand. Free of any stains, tears, nicks, odors, and all parts included.


v  Bring in a photo, text or email us a photo
Email Us At: 
[email protected] or Text photo to 859-581-0222 for consideration.




Consignment Seasons:

Spring: February 1st
Summer: April 1st
Fall: August 1st
Winter: September 1st
Holiday: November1st

We accept items for consignment every day!