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Pair Tool Makers Vise
Size: .

Starrett Pair of Tool Makers Vise Learn More

PAIR Toolmakers Clamp
Size: Clamp

PAIR Starrett 161D 2-3/4-Inch Toolmakers Clamps Learn More

161E Toolmakers Clamp
Size: Clamp

Starrett 161E Toolmakers Parallel Clamp, 3/4" Capacity, 21/32" Throat Depth. Learn More

178 Filet Or Radius Gage
Size: Range

Starrett 178B Fillet or Radius Gage, Inch Reading, 7/64-1/2" Range (Concave and Convex), 64ths Increments, 32 Leaves Learn More

Can Seam Micrometer

Starrett Can Seam Micrometer Learn More

Inside Micrometer

Starrett 124-B Inside Micrometer Set Learn More

T436RL Micrometer
Size: Inch

Starrett T436RL 2-Inch Micrometer with Ratchet Stop with Lock Nut. .0001" Learn More

Sheet Metal Micrometer
Size: Throat

Starrett 222AXR-1 Sheet Metal 0-1 Micrometer, 6-Inch Throat. Excellent Like New Condition. Learn More

Pair Of Parallel Clamps
Size: PAIR

Pair Of Starrett 161B Parallel Clamps, Tool Makers, Machinists USA *PICK UP ONLY* Learn More