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No. 700 Vise
Size: 700

Vintage Stanley No. 700 Clamp On Woodworkers Vise with Wood Jaws. Learn More

Tilt Angle Machinist Vise
Size: 6993A

Vintage Stanley C 602 2S Machinist Vise with Stanley 6993A Tilt Angle Base Learn More

No. 4 Smooth Plane
Size: 1928-1928

Stanley Bailey No. 4 Smooth Plane, Type 13, (1925-1928) Learn More

5 Beam Laser Level Kit
Size: 77-154

Stanley 77-154 SP5 FatMax Five Beam Laser Level Kit. Learn More

Brick Hammer
Size: 18oz

Stanley 431A 18 oz Brick Hammer *NEVER USED* Learn More

Corner / Joist Hand Drill
Size: Drill

Vintage Stanley Ratchet Corner / Joist Brace Hand Drill Carpentry Woodworking Bit Drill Learn More

Drill Guide
Size: Vintage

Vintage Stanley 04-413 Drill Guide Straight Hole Marker Learn More