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Rotary Laser System
Size: 39340075

Pacific Laser Systems PLS HR1000 Rotary Red Laser System Layout projects are easy with this PLSHR1000 Self-Leveling Rotary Laser System (PLS-60584) from Pacific Laser Systems. It's self-leveling and can be used for exterior horizontal layout. It also boasts a two-button operation for easy use. It boasts an exterior 1,000' radius (2,000' circle) range and is accurate to +/- 3/32" @ 100'. Self-leveling rotary laser used for exterior horizontal layout Easy to use with only a 2-button operation Exterior 1,000' radius (2,000' circle) range Accurate to +/- 3/32" @ 100' Includes laser detector Includes NIMH rechargeable battery pack East set up, simple to use *NEVER USED* Learn More

3 Beam Laser
Size: 39040249

Pacific Laser Systems PLS-60523 PLS3 Red Dot 3 Beam Laser Level (Bare Tool) *NEVER USED* Learn More