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Pawood Circle Cutter
Serial Number: USA

Vintage General No. 4 Pawood Circle Cutter. *MADE IN USA* Learn More

Handyelectric Drain Snake
Serial Number: Foot

General Handyelectric Power Drain Cleaner *MADE IN USA* Learn More

Tubing Cutter
Serial Number: USA

General No. 125 1/2" to 1-1/2" O. D. 7 to 40 mm *NEVER USED* Learn More

Drill Grinding Attachment
Serial Number: USA

Vintage General Hardware Mfg No. 825 Drill Grinding Attachment - 1970's *MADE IN USA* Learn More

Teletube Drain Auger
Serial Number: Down Hed

General Pipe Cleaner T6FL-DH Teletube Drain Auger with Down Hed Learn More