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Stacked Dado Set
Serial Number: 8 Inch

Freud D208M 8" 12 Tooth Stacked Dado Set. Produce grooves from 1/4" to 13/16" Learn More

1 Inch Forstner Bit
Serial Number: New

Freud FB-007 1-Inch by 3/8-Inch Shank Forstner Drill Bit *NEW IN PACKAGE* Learn More

Roman Ogee Shaper Cutter
Serial Number: NEW

Freud EC-005 2-7/8" (Dia.) FIXED Wing Roman Ogee Cutter *NEW NEVER USED* Learn More

Reversible Glue Joint
Serial Number: USED

Freud EC-031 Reversible Glue Joint Shaper Cutter, 3/4 Bore *NEW NEVER USED* Learn More

7-Inch Cross Cut Blade
Serial Number: New

Freud LU72M007 7-Inch 30 Teeth Cross Cut Saw Blade *NEW* Learn More