Flint&steel Fire Kit
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Flint and steel fire starter kit Includes Flint Steel Char cloth leather wrap Tinder Case Learn More

Fire Lighting Kit
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INCLUDES 1. Swedish Firesteel 2.0® 2. Grandpa's FireFork™ 3. Tinder-on-a-Rope™ FEATURES Swedish FireSteel 2.0 • Reliable performance at all altitudes and in cold weather - 2,980°C (5,400°F) degree spark. • Durable; scout model lasts 3,000 strikes. • Broad use - ignites all tinder and can be used for gas stoves and gas barbecues. • Works equally well when wet. • Striker handle includes an emergency whistle. • Safe - not declared as dangerous goods. Will not self ignite. Grandpa's FireFork • Curved points hold food firmly. • No need to cut fresh branches - attaches to practically any stick. • Great as fire-poker. • Safety cap for easy storage. • Hole for cord in safety cap. • Made from a single stainless steel wire. bpa_free_space.pngSpork _fork _space Tinder-on-a-Rope • Easy to light, even when wet. • All natural and environmentally-friendly fire starter. • Produces a hot flame - up to 80% resin content. Learn More

Frontier Pro
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The Frontier Pro Ultralight Filter has earned the stamp of approval from backpackers, preppers, and survivalists alike. Minimal weight, quality design and maximum connectivity are the signature features of this filter. Improved to include a replaceable GRN Line bacteria-grade filter, the Frontier Pro offers a robust 2 oz. defense against the common culprits that cause waterborne illnesses. Product Features •Replaceable GRN Line bacteria Filter with up to 500 ml/minute flow rate •Miraguard™ Antimicrobial* Technology suppresses the growth of bacteria, algae, fungus, mold, and mildew within the filter media •Connects to bottles, bladders, and gravity flow systems •Includes 3 pre-filters to extend filter life •Filters 50 gallons/filter •Weighs 2.5 oz (71 g) •BPA free, chemical free, and iodine free •Filter made in the USA Learn More

Deluxe Surv. Kit
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The Deluxe Survival Kit is a collection of some of the world's finest camping and survival gear, containing what you need to start a fire, cut limbs for shelter, and signal for help. Whatever you do outdoors, (camping, hiking, climbing, hunting, fishing, etc.) these premier recreational, safety and camping supplies can simplify your life every day, and can help save your life on the worst days. This kit is ideal for your backpack, glovebox, ATV or boat. Supplies Include: BlastMatch Fire Starter: Simply put, it is the world's finest one-handed fire starter! It generates intensely hot sparks three times hotter than a standard match. Once you've tried it you'll never go back to flint again. BlastMatch is safe, easy-to-use, and works in any weather. WetFire Tinder: You will love this amazing fire starting tinder is non-toxic, odorless, smokeless, and you can start a fire even in the driving rain. In fact, WetFire tinder burns longer when its WET! A small pile of tinder shavings is all you need to start a roaring fire. StarFlash Signal Mirror: This signal mirror is unbreakable, can be aimed precisely, floats and can signal for communications up to 100 miles away. You can use it hiking, camping, or backpacking to apply first aid or camouflage. StarFlash was chosen as the premier signal mirror of the U.S. Air Force and other government agencies 10 years ago. JetScream Whistle: This whistle is one of the loudest in the world, any louder and it would cause physical pain, literally. You can hear JetScream's amazing 122Db ear-piercing shriek, above most natural or man-made noises. It is equivalent to the sound of a rock concert or a jet at take off. You can use JetScream in the city or woods for communication and personal protection. SaberCut Saw: Our revolutionary hand-operated chain saw cuts and clears in both directions, so every stroke eats through whatever you need cut. Its self-cleaning cutting teeth and custom carrying case make this a must for anyone spending time outdoors hiking, camping, or backpacking. Aqua Bag: This convenient bag is watertight down to 15 feet, or you can use it to store an emergency water supply. HardCache Carrying Case: Not only is the HardCache carrying case watertight, it is virtually indestructible. You can toss it around, sit on it, or step on it! You'll have a tough time damaging it. Keep it in your backpack, your glove compartment, your boat, or even your pocket! You will always be ready for an outdoor adventure with this survival kit. Learn More