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Celebrating over 30 years of success as the only artists' cooperative in Virginia Beach, The Artists Gallery provides a unique creative community that welcomes the public to experience art from the artists' perspective.

All items are pick up at the gallery only. If you need to have your item shipped, please contact us to make arrangements.

The Rookery

Title: The Rookery, Artist: Sally Cade, Medium: Oil, Size: 9inx11in Framed Learn More

Marsh Grasses

Title:Marsh Grasses, Artist: Susan Check, Medium: Oil, Size: 20inx30in Framed, Statement: The location is Pleasure House Point, Virginia Beach. Learn More

Mystic Bracelet

From the Mystic Swirls collection of Gladmist Glass Design. Hand torched glass bead bracelet with Sterling Silver and Swarovski crystals. Adjustable lobster clasp fits 7 1/2 to 8 inch wrist. Can be made to adjust up to 8 1/2 inches upon request. Learn More

Magical Colours

Title: Magical Colours Artist: Susan Werby 14 x 11- inches Fine Art Print in 24 x 20 inches wooden frame Photographic Art $150 01/10 Learn More

Jackson Lake & The Tetons

Title:Jackson Lake & The Tetons, Artist: Christopher Tolton, Medium: Photography metallic paper; Size: 12x36 17x41 framed, Statement: Panorama of the Teton Range and Jackson Lake from the top of Signal Mountain Learn More

Squall Line Over Snake Te

Title: Squall Line Over Snake & Tetons, Artist:Christopher Tolton, Medium: Photography on metallic paper, Size: 18x24 framed 21x27, Statement:Teton Range taken from the Snake River Overlook as a storm and distant squall line are passing Learn More


Susan Werby’s designer scarves begin with her Photographic Art-art that is then taken to the next level to create scarves with unique looks. Printing is outsourced onto either eco-friendly 100% Modal (beechwood) or Cotton. Both fabrics are soft and fine like natural silk, draping beautifully and allowing the scarf to be worn in so many ways. Great as gifts because one size fits everyone. Dimensions: 28 x 78-inches Pricing: $55 Learn More


Title: Boatyard, Size: image 8 x12, framed 12 x 16 Artist: Tom Duntemann Description: A small private boatyard in Prince Frederick , MD Learn More

K Is For Kemps Ridley

Title: K is for Kemps Ridley, Artist: Maggie Kerrigan, Medium: Acrylic on a Book, Size 12in x 18in, Statement: Part of a series on endangered and extinct animals, this highly endangered Kemps Ridely Sea Turtle is painted on the T volume of the World Book Encyclopedia--a nearly extinct book. Learn More

Once I Was Red And Bright

Title: Once I Was Red And Bright, Artist: William T. Campbell, Medium: Oil, Size: 28inW x 22inT Framed Learn More

Size: 13 X 10

Title: Tug, Artist: Tom Duntemann, Medium: Oil, Size: 13inx10in Framed Learn More


Artist: Christopher Tolton, Media: Photography on Metallic Paper, Title: TOTALITY Size: 12in X 18in Print ; 18 X 24 Framed The Great American Eclipse, Madisonville, TN August 21, 2017 600mm Nikon f4 lens Learn More