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Celebrating over 30 years of success as the only artists' cooperative in Virginia Beach, The Artists Gallery provides a unique creative community that welcomes the public to experience art from the artists' perspective.

All items are pick up at the gallery only. If you need to have your item shipped, please contact us to make arrangements.

Embrace #1
$315.00 $475.00 (save 34%)

Embrace William Mulligan Clay Sculpture Painted Stoneware $475.00 Learn More

6:00AM- Print 8/15 Editio
Size: 16 X 20

6:00AM photograph Melinda Brown 16x20 early mornings in Ocen Park brings the dolphins and pelians to play. Learn More

Red Circles Cuff

Red Circles Cuff Jama Watts Beaded Jewelry 8 in long by 1.25 in wide Bracelet is designed around a polymer clay button, Fits like a 7 in. bracelet. Learn More

Chicken Tray

Chicken Tray Pam Gray Pottery 9 inches x 4 1/4 inches wide Learn More

Blue Thunderbird 1/15 Alu
Size: 5x7

Blue Thunderbird photography Melinda Brown 5x7 the classic car interior says it all about automobile design of the age. Learn More

Salute To US Naval Air

Salute To US Naval Air Oil Michael Barilla 18 in X 24 in Navy Pride Learn More

Corrolla Mares

Corrolla Mares, None, Size: None Learn More

Pelicans At The Beach

Pelicans At The Beach, None, Size: None Learn More

Soutache Earrings

Soutache Earrings Jama Watts Jewelry (Soutache) 1.5 in long by 1 in wide Chalcedony and carnelian cabochons surrounded by green and brown soutache ribbon with terra cotta and copper glass beads. Backed with maroon ultrasuede. Stainless steel posts. Learn More

Carnelian Pearl Necklace

Carnelian Pearl Necklace Jama Watts Jewelry (Bead Embroidery) 18 in length, pendant measures 2.25 in length by 2 in wide Large carnelain cabochon surrounded by copper and gold seed beads and strung on a chain with pearls and leaded glass crystal. Pendant is backed with tan ultrasuede. Chain ends in a brass lobster clasp. Learn More

Grape Agate Star Earrings

Grape Agate Star Earrings Jama Watts Jewelry (Bead Embroidery) 1.5 in long by 1 in wide Dark brown agate cabochons surrounded by gold and irridescent purple seed beads with purple, gold and black fringe. Backed with leather. Stainless steel posts. Learn More

Amethyst Cabochon Neck

Amethyst Cabochon Neck Jama Watts Jewelry (Bead Embroidery) 16 in chain, Pendant measures 2.125 in long by 1.875 in wide Amethyst cabochon surrounded by purple and clear seed beads backed with tan ultrasuede. Purple glass and leaded crystal chain with a silver-tone lobster clasp. Learn More