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Celebrating over 30 years of success as the only artists' cooperative in Virginia Beach, The Artists Gallery provides a unique creative community that welcomes the public to experience art from the artists' perspective.

All items are pick up at the gallery only. If you need to have your item shipped, please contact us to make arrangements.

A Dream

A Dream, Valentina Copeland, Mixed Media, Collage, Size: 10x10 in Learn More


Title: Endoscope Artist: Fred Freeman Size: 8\" w x 6\" d x 9\" h Medium: Clay Description: A symbolic depiction of a medical procedure Learn More

Great Blue Heron

Title: Great Blue Heron, Artist: Constance Fahey, Size: 15 x 18, Description: Giclee on paper, floated on background, matted and framed Learn More

Native American Mask

Title: Native American Mask Artist: Fred Freeman Size: 5\"w x 8\"h Medium: Clay Description: A clay mask depicting an American Indian Learn More

Angels Underwater

Title : Angels Underwater, Artist : Christian Williams, Medium : Watercolor on YUPO, Size: 26x31, Description: Two angelic Angel Fish swimming underwater Learn More


Genesis1:3-4, Title:Genesis1:3-4 Artist: David Gwaltney Size: 18x24\" Medium: Digital Painting Statement : God said Let their be light Learn More

The Memory Of NIshiki Koi

Title: The Memory of NIshiki Koi, Artist: Namiko Mahony, Medium: Watercolor, Size: 8 x10, Statement: In spring when I go this pond, I will be able to see the beautiful Irises, Water Lilies around the pond and the hill covered Hydrangeas. I was able to see beautiful a pair of Nishiki Kois in the pond at Kamakura Japan. I had a cup of green tea and mochi on the bench and relaxed. I just wanted to share with thid painting of my experience. Learn More

Sending Me A Message

Title: Sending Me a Message, Artist: Namiko Mahony, Medium: Watercolor, Size: 8 x 10\", Statement: According to North American Native Tradition, The Blue Heron brings message of self determination and self reliance. They represent an ability to progress and evolve... Every year the Blue Heron stops by stay on back yard fence. I always feel lucky when I'm able to capture it with my camera. This one is beautiful, strong, and graceful, Hoping I will be able to see and welcome every year. Learn More

Crawdads Song

Title: Crawdads Song, Artist: Kathy Staicer, Medium: Soft Pastel, Size: 8\"x10\" Framed Learn More


Title: Shell, Artist: Jan Barco, Medium: Leather Mix Media, Size: 17\" Wide and 13\" High, Wall Hanging Learn More

Seaside Cliffs Pendant

From the Seaside Cliffs collection of Gladmist Glass Design. Hand torched glass bead with sterling silver and Swarovski crystals. Learn More

Thanks Mom!

Creative art by Maggie Kerrigan Hand folded, using the book \"About My Mother\" Learn More