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Celebrating over 30 years of success as the only artists' cooperative in Virginia Beach, The Artists Gallery provides a unique creative community that welcomes the public to experience art from the artists' perspective.

All items are pick up at the gallery only. If you need to have your item shipped, please contact us to make arrangements.

Woman In Water

Woman In Water William Mulligan Fired and painted Clay 5.5H X 17.5W X 8D Learn More

Blue Butterfly Necklace

Rich Gray Blue Origami Butterfly Necklace Paper 2 x 2.5 inches Origami butterfly folded from paper with shades of blue and gold highlights. Coated with clear acrylic sealants for durability and hung on an 18 inch blue cord. Learn More

B-Y Butterfly Necklace

Rich Gray Paper 2 x 2.5 Black and Yellow Origami Butterfly Necklace Origami butterfly folded of lokta paper from Nepal and coated with clear acrylic sealants for durability. 18 inch black cord Learn More

B-W Butterfly Neclace

Rich Gray Black and White Origami Butterfly Necklace 2 x 2.5 inches on 18 inch cord Folded from a black and white zebra leaf patterned lokta paper from Nepal. Coated with acrylic sealants for durability. Learn More

All About The Blooms

All About The Blooms Beth Ann Scott Acrylic on canvas 18 x 36 inches Learn More

Mother And Child

Mother And Child William Mulligan Fired and painted clay 8.5H X 6W X 4D Learn More

Braving The Storm

Braving The Storm William Mulligan Fired and Painted Clay 10.5H X 11W X 4.5D Learn More

Ode To The Whipple-Tree
$285.00 $325.00 (save 12%)

Ode To The Whipple-Tree, Clay Tiles David Gwaltney 5x17 The Whipple-Tree was the earlier name for the Dogwood. Ode To The Whipple-Tree Clay Tiles David Gwaltney 5x17 The Whipple-Tree was the earlier name for the Dogwood. The name dog tree entered english vocabulary by 1548,further traanformed to dogwood by 1614. Legend has it that the dogwood, at the time of Christ, were the size of oak trees.Because of the strength and firmness of the wood, it was chosen for the cross that Christ was nailed to.The dogwood felt great sorrow for its role in Jesus Christs death. Jesus sensed the anguish of the tree and vowed that dogwoods would be transformed to a smaller tree so that it could never again be used for crucifixions. White Dogwood flowers most often symoblize Innocence, Purity and Spirituality. Learn More

Origami Vase

Artist: Rich Gray Title: Paper Vase Origami inspired vase. Constructed of cardstock scored and creased in a diamond pattern then folded into a faceted cylinder and covered with coral and gold colored momigami paper from Thailand. Glass liner. 3 x 3 x 8 Learn More

Ceralean Blue

Ceralean Blue ClayTiles, David Gwaltney 5x17 Blue Irises tiles with hand carved frame. Learn More

Blue Peony Platter

Peony Platter Speckled Brown Stoneware Clay Kelly Riggs 14 inch Diameter Denim Blue Serving Platter; oven, microwave and dishwasher safe. Designed with Stamped Inlay Learn More