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Green Dahlia

Green Dahlia Kathy Staicer Watercolor 15 x 20 Dahlia with green petals. Learn More

Sitting On The Shelf

Sitting on the Shelves Kathy Staicer Watercolor 15 x 22 Rustic Pottery showig off it'beauty. Learn More

The Memory Of NIshiki Koi

Title: The Memory of NIshiki Koi, Artist: Namiko Mahony, Medium: Watercolor, Size: 8 x10, Statement: In spring when I go this pond, I will be able to see the beautiful Irises, Water Lilies around the pond and the hill covered Hydrangeas. I was able to see beautiful a pair of Nishiki Kois in the pond at Kamakura Japan. I had a cup of green tea and mochi on the bench and relaxed. I just wanted to share with thid painting of my experience. Learn More

Sending Me A Message

Title: Sending Me a Message, Artist: Namiko Mahony, Medium: Watercolor, Size: 8 x 10in, Statement: According to North American Native Tradition, The Blue Heron brings message of self determination and self reliance. They represent an ability to progress and evolve... Every year the Blue Heron stops by stay on back yard fence. I always feel lucky when I'm able to capture it with my camera. This one is beautiful, strong, and graceful, Hoping I will be able to see and welcome every year. Learn More

A Farmers Trio

Title : A Farmers Trio, Artist: Christian Williams, Medium: wateercolor on YUPO, Size: 17x 22 Descrption: A Retrosective of the main anmails you would find on a farm. Learn More

Heading Out

Title: Heading Out, Artist: Tom Duntemann, Medium: Watercolor, Size: 16inx13in Framed Learn More