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Female Torso 4a

Female Torso 4a Clay Sculpture William Mulligan 10 X 7.5 X 7.5 Painted Stoneware Learn More

Matador & Bull
$975.00 $1,250.00 (save 22%)

Matador & Bull Clay Sculpture William Mulligan 9 X 15 X 7.5 Painted stoneware Learn More

Knot A Hummingbird

Knot A Hummingbird, Clay 2in. x 5in. x 4in. Fred Freeman This is a hummingbird whose beak is in a knot. Learn More

Peace Piece Dude

Peace Piece Dude clay 8in. x 10in. Fred Freeman This is a hanging clay mask depicting kind of a hippie dude. Learn More

Smoking A Stogie

Smoking A Stogie clay 5in. x 5in. x 7in. Fred Freeman This is a backflow incense burner. The incense cone goes in his hat. Smoke comes out the end of the cigar. Learn More


Shamus, Clay Fred Freeman 11in. W x 10in. D x 14in.H This piece is a depiction of a 1940s film noir type detective ala Humphrey Bogart. Learn More

In One Ear And Out The Ot

Title: In One Ear And Out The Other Artist: Fred Freeman Size: 9in w x 8in d x 12in h Medium: Clay Description: A three dimensional ceramic pun Learn More