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Abstract Reclining Female

Abstract Reclining Female Clay Sculpture William Mulligan 4.5 X 15 X 7.5 Glazed Stoneware Learn More

Gazing And Grazing

Gazing And Grazing, Photograph Chris Tolton 18 x 24 Framed Grizzly 399s four COY (Cubs of the Year) of 2020 emergred behind their mother who was eating insects, flowers and digging roots to eat. The cubs mimick their mothers behavior in learning skills of survival. Grizzly 399 is just off frame. This image is part of a series of 399 and her cubs. This photo is also available unframed. Learn More

Buoy Series #1

Buoy Series Photographic Art on Acrylic 18 x 12 inches 03/10 Limited Edition Series Susan Werby Learn More


Illumination Limited Edition 02/10 Photographic Art on Acrylic 20x16-inches $270 Susan Werby Learn More

Tetons By Moonlight
Size: 19 X 33

Tetons By Moonlight Photography Chris Tolton Size: 19 X 32 Framed The Teton Range from the Snake River overlook, in Grand Teton National Park. This photograph is a composit of 4 images taken to form the panorama, which were taken at midnight under a full moon in early June. The image has exceptional detail. An unframed version is also available. Learn More

Whats She Doing

Whats She Doin? Photography Chris Tolton 18 x 24 Framed Grizzly 399, matriarch of many grizzly bears in Grand Teton National Park, emerged from hibernation in 2020 with an almost unheard of litter of 4 cubs in tow. Cubs follow their mother wathing her closely and then mimicking her bahavior to learn the skills needed to survive in the wild. This photograph is part of a series. An unframed version is also available. Learn More

Milk Moustaches 2

Milk Moustaches 2 Photography Chris Tolton 18 x 24 Framed Grizzly 399, the world famous 24 year old matriarch of many litters and grown grizzly bears in and around Grand Teton National Park. In early 2020 she emerged from hibernation with an almost unheard of four healthy cubs. This image was taken very shortly after nursing. On close examination each cub sports a milk Moustache. The 4 cubs survived 2 years with their mother until being sent out on their own. This is the photograph of a lifetime. An unframed version is also available. An unframed version is alos available. Learn More

Fanciful & Free-v2

Title: Fanciful & Free-v2 Artist: Susan Werby 20 x 30-inch Canvas Photographic Art $225 01/10 Accompanying poetry by Susan Werby Freedom Stand alone Relish your freedom I stand not In front of or behind The fence For I have choices With wings I can soar High above Looking down upon the world For I am fanciful and free Learn More

Pelican Pals
Size: 12x18

Pelican Pals Photo on Canvas Sandi Lee Snider Size: 12x18 Learn More