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Blue Butterfly Necklace

Rich Gray Blue Origami Butterfly Necklace Paper 2 x 2.5 inches Origami butterfly folded from paper with shades of blue and gold highlights. Coated with clear acrylic sealants for durability and hung on an 18 inch blue cord. Learn More

B-Y Butterfly Necklace

Rich Gray Paper 2 x 2.5 Black and Yellow Origami Butterfly Necklace Origami butterfly folded of lokta paper from Nepal and coated with clear acrylic sealants for durability. 18 inch black cord Learn More

B-W Butterfly Neclace

Rich Gray Black and White Origami Butterfly Necklace 2 x 2.5 inches on 18 inch cord Folded from a black and white zebra leaf patterned lokta paper from Nepal. Coated with acrylic sealants for durability. Learn More

Origami Vase

Artist: Rich Gray Title: Paper Vase Origami inspired vase. Constructed of cardstock scored and creased in a diamond pattern then folded into a faceted cylinder and covered with coral and gold colored momigami paper from Thailand. Glass liner. 3 x 3 x 8 Learn More

Origami Dragon

Rich Gray Origami Dragon 3L x 2Wx 2.5H Dragon folded from a soft gold metallic paper with flecks of color. Mounted on a handmade paper base. Learn More

Solar Flare Paper Bowl

Artist: Rich Gray Title: Solar Flare Paper Bowl - made from multiple plies of heavy watercolor paper covered with a bright Thai marbled momigami paper and coated with clear acrylic sealants. 11x11x4 Learn More