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Party Uber Alles

Title: Party Uber Alles, Artist: Maggie Kerrigan, Medium: Altered Book, Size: 12x14\", Statement: This artwork is inspired by the recent impeachment. Our leaders may as well shred the Constitution. Learn More

Paws And Feel The Love

Title: Paws And Feel The Love, Artist: Maggie Kerrigan, Medium: Altered Book, Size: 8\"W x 9\"T x 6\" D Learn More


Title: Warped, Artist: Maggie Kerrigan, Medium: Altered Book, Size: 6\"W x 9\"T x 1\"D, Statement: The book subtitle is \"And Its Genius for Good and Evil\" helped me choose the title for the artwork. The woven piece here is sideways with the warp and the weft running opposite of what we initially expect. So often this is true of people we see in society. Learn More

K Is For Kemps Ridley

Title: K is for Kemps Ridley, Artist: Maggie Kerrigan, Medium: Acrylic on a Book, Size 12\" x 18\", Statement: Part of a series on endangered and extinct animals, this highly endangered Kemps Ridely Sea Turtle is painted on the T volume of the World Book Encyclopedia--a nearly extinct book. Learn More


Title: Woof!, Artist: Maggie Kerrigan, Media: Altered Book, Size: 8\" x 5\" x 2\", Statement: Hand-carved, using the book, What the Dog Saw, this fun artwork reminds us of why we love dogs and how genuinely they love us back. Learn More