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Thanks Mom!

Creative art by Maggie Kerrigan Hand folded, using the book \"About My Mother\" Learn More

Party Uber Alles

Title: Party Uber Alles, Artist: Maggie Kerrigan, Medium: Altered Book, Size: 12x14\", Statement: This artwork is inspired by the recent impeachment. Our leaders may as well shred the Constitution. Learn More

Paws And Feel The Love

Title: Paws And Feel The Love, Artist: Maggie Kerrigan, Medium: Altered Book, Size: 8\"W x 9\"T x 6\" D Learn More

K Is For Kemps Ridley

Title: K is for Kemps Ridley, Artist: Maggie Kerrigan, Medium: Acrylic on a Book, Size 12\" x 18\", Statement: Part of a series on endangered and extinct animals, this highly endangered Kemps Ridely Sea Turtle is painted on the T volume of the World Book Encyclopedia--a nearly extinct book. Learn More


Title: Woof!, Artist: Maggie Kerrigan, Media: Altered Book, Size: 8\" x 5\" x 2\", Statement: Hand-carved, using the book, What the Dog Saw, this fun artwork reminds us of why we love dogs and how genuinely they love us back. Learn More