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Celebrating over 30 years of success as the only artists' cooperative in Virginia Beach, The Artists Gallery provides a unique creative community that welcomes the public to experience art from the artists' perspective.

All items are pick up at the gallery only. If you need to have your item shipped, please contact us to make arrangements.

Green Heron Quick Getaway

Price: $1595.00, Size: 16"x20", Title: Green Heron - Quick Getaway, Medium: Oil, Artist: Cindy Harrison, Statement: "This resident green heron can often be spotted near the boat launching ramp for dolphin tours at the Virginia Beach Aquarium and Marine Science Center. It always brings me joy to see our local birds thriving among our coastal waterways and adds a bonus when they can be observed close enough to appreciate the colors that make up their plumage. During my visit I was able to capture a crisp photograph before he made his getaway that later inspired this painting." Learn More

Coleus Color

Title: Coleus Color, Size: 8" x 8", Artist: Kay Hofler, Medium: Oil, The beauty of the rainbow coleus is seen in the exciting and radiant contrast of the bright color and its purple complement. Learn More

Encountered A Friend
Size: 12"x12"

Title: Encountered A Friend, Size: 12"x12", Artist: Shaw-mei Shen, Medium: acrylic, Statement: On this piece, I wanted to show my surprise of seeing an old friend. I used the colorful acrylic with pulling technique and free brush strokes to show the bright day with cool wind blowing by. Learn More

Home Sweet Home
Size: 11 X 14

Title: Home Sweet Home,, Size: 11 X 14, Artist: Shaw-mei Shen, Medium: Acrylic, Statement:: I used the acrylic pulling technique to do the bird nest, also tree and bush. I used the free brush strokes to paint the blue birds to show that they are very happily coming home together. Learn More

Different Heights Differ

Title: Different Heights Different Vistas, Artist: Nancy Topping Bazin, Medium: Mixed Media, Size: 20" x 26" Framed Learn More

Surrounded By Beauty
Size: 16 X 20

Title: Surrounding By Beauty, Size: 16 X 20, Artist: Shaw-mei Shen, Medium:acrylic, Sttement:: I painted orchids which represented "Beauty". I tried to tell that beauty can break through the boundary of division. Learn More

Surf Caster

Title: Surf Caster, Artist: Tom Duntemann, Medium: Watercolor, Size: 9"x11" Framed Learn More


Title: Landfall, Artist: Tom Duntemann, Medium: Watercolor, Size: 15"x12" Framed Learn More

Birch Leaf

Title: Birch Leaf, Artist: Barbara Kobylinska, Medium: Clay, recycled metal and found objects, Size: 22"H x 9"W x 3"D Description: Learn More

Ginko Leaf

Title: Ginko Leaf Artist: Barbara Kobylinska Medium: clay, recycled metal and found objects Size: 13"H x 12"W x 2"D Description: Learn More

Hickory Leaf

Title: Hickory Leaf Artist: Barbara Kobylinska Medium: clay, recycled metal and found objects Size: 16"H x 17'W X 3"D Description: Learn More

Maple Leaf

Title: Maple Leaf Artist: Barbara Kobylinska Medium: clay, recycled metal and found objects Size: 13"H x 11"W x 2"D Description: Learn More