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Type: Handmade Purse

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SOPHIE DIGARD, Geranium, Size: Crochet
This Sophie Digard Geranium Handbag is
Beautifully made by Sophie Digard. Sophie delicately crochets numerous geraniums and and then gathers them into a veritable garden on this collectible handbag. Honestly, this bag looks like you might have found it in a chic vintage shop! The palette is an earthy and subtle combination of muted lavender, pink, plum, and red, with hints of sage green. Lined in cotton, the interior features a slit pocket, and it all comes together with a sweet crocheted tie at the top. Dimensions are L18" x H 12" W 3-4". The shoulder drop is 10".
original price: $342.00
I encourage you to look up her items, they are amazing - and this purse deal is also Amazing!