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CHANEL (Authentic)

Size: W/box

Type: Sunglasses

Item #: 30381

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CHANEL, Tourtise, Size: W/box
These are a Beautiful Vintage pair of CHANEL sunglasses. The consignor kept them in excellent condition with the cover and the box.
Lenses show signs of scratches.
These Sunglasses are from 1989 with serial code 0017. These glasses are over 30 years old and in such Amazing condition. They are a must see and a classic accessory piece to add to your wardrobe.
Information for you:
Dating Chanel Boutique Sunglasses -
*Pre 1989 - no coding or serial numbers appear to have been used
*Product code of less than 5 digits - late 1980's-early 1990's eg product code 0026 is from 1992
*Five digit product code beginning with 0 - pre product code 05983 is from 1995
*Product code in 10000 range - c 2000 with the production deal with Luxottica
*Product code in 40000 range - 2009
----In 2003 Chanel began to laser on to the side of the right lens of sunglasses, both boutique and non-boutique, the serial number of the glasses in an attempt to deter counterfeiters.
Later the word CHANEL was also lasered along the top of each lens.