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Currently taking for consignment: 


-select Hockey Gear

-Baseball and Softball gear

-select Football gear

-select Field Hockey gear 

-Soccer gear

-Select Golf gear


 Services we provide:

-Skate Sharpening           -Lacrosse head stringing

-Glove lacing                                  -Golf club gripping

-Skate blade replacement    -Repairs

Call for details and pricing

 About Us-

Top name brands in the sports world like Bauer, Easton, Rawlings, CCM….are just a few of the new products you can find on our shelves.

We have a large selection of pre-owned products as well. Equipment for HOCKEY, FIGURE SKATING,  LACROSSE, SKIING, SNOWBOARDING, BASEBALL, SOFTBALL, SOCCER, GOLF, FIELD HOCKEY, PICKLEBALL, ROLLER HOCKEY, INLINE SKATING….and more, are on the shelves and ready to go.

We carry a selection of new hockey accessories like skate guards, hockey tape, laces and lacrosse accessories like strings and mesh, baseball/softball accessories, and others.

            Store hours (updated 1/11/22   

Tues & Wed: 12-5pm     Thurs & Fri:  12-6pm

 Sat: 9am-2pm                  Sun & Mon: Closed




Our online store contains pre-owned inventory only.  We have such a large amount of pre-owned inventory, it would be impossible to gets photos of each imperfection on each item.  Therefore, please note, most items will have wear marks, scratches, spots, and other imperfections due to use.  If you have any questions about an item, or would like more photos, feel free to email [email protected].  Happy Shopping!

Burton Custom Smalls
Size: 135cm

Burton Custom Smalls, Burton Custom Bindings, Size: 135cm Learn More

Alpina Air 118 2x2
Size: 77cm

Alpina Air 118 2x2, Size: 77cm Learn More

Schwinn Adjustable
Size: 5-8

Schwinn Adjustable, Womens, Size: 5-8 Learn More

Spice Gleam
Size: 108cm

Spice Gleam, Zuma, Size: 108cm Learn More

SnowJam Magna
Size: 118cm

SnowJam Magna, Snowjam, Size: 118cm Learn More

STX Stallion 200
Size: 37

STX Stallion 200, Stick, Size: 37 Learn More

CCM Tacks 6052
Size: 4

CCM Tacks 6052, Hockey, Size: 4 Learn More

DeBeer Response
Size: Womens

DeBeer Response, Full, Size: Womens Learn More

STX Torro
Size: 36

STX Torro, Stick, Size: 36 Learn More

STX Hammer 300
Size: 36

STX Hammer 300, Size: 36 Learn More

Ride Menace
Size: 134cm

Ride Menace, Burton, Size: 134cm Learn More

CCM Tacks 9380
Size: 2

CCM Tacks 9380, Hockey, Size: 2 Learn More