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Welcome to our Online Store!

Please note: This is not all of our inventory!  We have much more in store.  If you don't see what you are looking for, please call!      

Store hours (updated 1/11/22

Tues & Wed: 12-5pm     Thurs & Fri: 12-6pm 

Sat: 10am-2pm       Sun & Mon: Closed

 We cannot take consignment on Saturdays. Thank you for your understanding!



50% off select lacrosse stringing materials like Strings, leathers,  mesh, heads, handles, wax… While supplies last.  Come in and grab your stringing supplies today!


Need your lacrosse stick restrung? 

We offer lacrosse stick stringing for men’s and women’s sticks! 

We also re-lace Baseball & Softball gloves!

Call for details.


 Appointment no longer needed for consignment.

(No consignment on Saturdays)

All items coming in for consignment must be clean, sanitized, in great condition, current models and sale ready.  This includes removal of any tape, stickers, pet hair, dirt, mud, stains, and must be odor free.

Feel free to contact us with any questions. 

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


Currently taking for consignment:



- select Hockey Gear

- Baseball and Softball bats and bags

-select Football gear

-select Field Hockey gear 

-Soccer gear




 About Us-

Top name brands in the sports world like Bauer, Easton, Rawlings, CCM….are just a few of the new products you can find on our shelves.

We have a large selection of pre-owned products as well. Equipment for HOCKEY, LACROSSE, SKIING, SNOWBOARDING, BASEBALL, SOFTBALL, SOCCER, GOLF, FIELD HOCKEY….and more, are on the shelves and ready to go.

We carry a selection of new hockey accessories like skate guards, hockey tape, laces and lacrosse accessories like strings and mesh, baseball/softball accessories.....

We also provide services such as Skate Sharpening, Lacrosse head stringing, and baseball/softball glove re-lacing.



Our online store conatins pre-owned inventory only.  We have such a large amount of pre-owned inventory, it would be impossible to gets photos of each imperfection on each item.  Therefore, please note, most items will have wear marks, scratches, spots, and other imperfections due to use.  If you have any questions about an item, or would like more photos, feel free to email [email protected]  Happy Shopping!

Jackson Freestyle
Size: Y13

Jackson Freestyle, New, Size: Y13 Learn More

Jackson Freestyle
Size: Y12

Jackson Freestyle, New, Size: Y12 Learn More

American Cougar 448
Size: 5

American Cougar 448, Hockey, Size: 5 Learn More

Reebok 5K
Size: 7.5

Reebok 5K, Hockey, Size: 7.5 Learn More

Koho 590 Pro
Size: 7

Koho 590 Pro, Hockey, Size: 7 Learn More

Riedell 21
Size: Y10

Riedell 21, Black, Size: Y10 Learn More

Bauer Premier
Size: 1.5

Bauer Premier, Hockey, Size: 1.5 Learn More

Mission Amp 6
Size: Skate 3

Mission Amp 6, Shoe 4, Size: Skate 3 Learn More

Gam #0035 Elite
Size: 6

Gam #0035 Elite, White, Size: 6, with Step figure skate steel Learn More

Ferland F25
Size: 1

Ferland F25, Hockey, Size: 1 Learn More

Jackson Freestyle
Size: 2

Jackson Freestyle, New, Size: 2 Learn More

Jackson Freestyle
Size: 1.5

Jackson Freestyle, New, Size: 1.5 Learn More