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Consign? Or Donate?

South Coast Sporting (SCS) is a family owned and operated business. But, we are a sporting goods business with a twist. We have a philanthropic goal. We make monthly charitable contributions to deserving youth athletic organizations.

This is how it works. When we sell your sporting goods products on consignment we pay back a set percentage after the sale (55%) to you, the owner of the product.

We also offer first quality, new equipment.

All goods that are donated to SCS will see 100% of the consignors’ proceeds (55% of the selling price) earmarked for donation. Each donation period will be unique and based on the amount of business SCS does in a certain time frame but we will make monthly donating our goal. The selection of the receiving group or person is at the sole discretion of the owners of SCS but will be a local youth organization from the South Coast and Upper Cape areas.

Organizations like Canal Youth Hockey, Gateway Youth Hockey, Old Rochester Youth Lacrosse, Bourne Youth Lacrosse, and Gateway Babe Ruth will be the beneficiaries of SCS. All of our funding will stay local and benefit organizations like these directly.

Consignment FAQ's

Q. What is the consignor percentage? 

  A. You, the consignor, get 55% of the selling price.

Q. Do I need an appointment to bring items in?

  A. No, you don’t need an appointment, unless you have more than 20 items at a time. We accept consignment any time we are open Tues-Fri. We don’t take consignment on Saturdays.     

Q. Do my items get “marked down” after time?

   A. No, the price stays the same unless you, the consignor, requests to change the price. 

Q. How long do we leave items on consignment? 

  A. 1 year.  We leave items on consignment for a year, that way the  item cycles through a whole season (spring for baseball, winter for hockey, fall for football, etc.) 

Q. How do I get paid? 

  A. You can choose to pickup your check, have your check automatically mailed out to you, or leave your consignment proceeds on Store Credit, which never expires.      

Q. When do I get paid?

  A. We do payouts once a month for the previous months sales.  For example, if your item sells May, you will be paid for it in June.    

All items coming in for consignment must be clean, sanitized, in great condition, current models and sale ready.  This includes removal of any tape, stickers, pet hair, dirt, mud, stains, and must be odor free.

Have more questions? Feel free to contact us!

About Us-

Top name brands in the sports world like Bauer, Easton, Rawlings, CCM….are just a few of the new products you can find on our shelves.

We have a large selection of pre-owned products as well. Equipment for HOCKEY, FIGURE SKATING,  LACROSSE, SKIING, SNOWBOARDING, BASEBALL, SOFTBALL, SOCCER, GOLF, FIELD HOCKEY, PICKLEBALL, ROLLER HOCKEY, INLINE SKATING….and more, are on the shelves and ready to go.

We carry a selection of new hockey accessories like skate guards, hockey tape, laces and lacrosse accessories like strings and mesh, baseball/softball accessories, and others.