Les Voitures A Transforma

Size: Square

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A lovely, pre-loved Vintage HERMES Scarf
Design: Les Voitures A Transformation
Colors: Black, Browns, Cream, Gold
Size: 45" x 45" (approximate dimensions, which will vary due to wear and cleaning)
"Transformation" or "Carriage Changes" by the artist Francoise de la Perriere that depicts "transforming" carriages, where we see various carriages from the mid to late 19th century and their interchangeable hard tops and soft hoods. This popular design was issued in 1980, 1990-02, 2000, and 2008, and as a 70cm x 70cm scarf in 2013.
Condition: No tears, one stain. There are smudges which appear as light gray, most likely transferring dye from the black areas. One very light pink smudge, most likely transferred from another Hermes Scarf.
This is a pre-loved scarf, sold in "AS IS" condition. Please see the last pictures for examples of the light gray/pink smudging, and the one light brown stain.