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Kokeshi Doll
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Leaves Tablecloth
Size: 48x69

Leaves Tablecloth, Sage, Size: 48x69 Learn More

Embroidered Tapestry
Size: 33x21

Embroidered Tapestry, Size: 33x21 Learn More

Pair PB Linen Pillowcases
Size: 18x18

Pair PB Linen Pillowcases, Sage, Size: 18x18 Learn More

Holly Pillowcase
Size: 20x20

Holly Pillowcase, Size: 20x20 Learn More

The Great Flood Door Tape
Size: 33x59

The Great Flood Japanese Door Tapestry, Size: 33x59 Learn More

McCoy Vase
Size: 7H

McCoy Vase, Cream, Size: 7H Learn More

Pair Paper Mache Pots
Size: 3H

Pair Paper Mache Pots, Size: 3H Learn More

Apple Candleholder
Size: 5x3

Apple Candleholder, Size: 5x3 Learn More

Ginger Jar W Lid
Size: 5H

Ginger Jar W Lid, Size: 5H Learn More

3pc Nesting Candleholder
Size: 7x3

3pc Nesting Candleholder, Wood, Size: 7x3 Learn More

Kokeshi Doll
Size: 10H

Kokeshi Doll, Size: 10H Learn More

Kokeshi Doll Rose
Size: 6H

Kokeshi Doll Rose, July, Size: 6H Learn More