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VTG Original Oil Mumms
Size: 18x22

VTG Original Oil Mumms, Gld/Yel, Size: 18x22 Learn More

Original Oil Sail Boat-Br
Size: 23x19

Original Oil Painting Sail Boat-Brutalist Style, Aqua, Size: 23x19 Learn More

Framed Needlepoint M
Size: 8x9

Framed Needlepoint M, Silver, Size: 8x9 Learn More

Ginger Jar Art Vase Tile
Size: 11x14

Ginger Jar Art Vase Tile, Grn/Red, Size: 11x14 Learn More

Tryptych Framed Leaves
Size: [email protected]

Tryptych Framed Leaves, Black, Size: [email protected] and the middle one is a little bigger at 28x36 Learn More

Italian Countryside
Size: 41x30

Italian Countryside, Gold, Size: 41x30 Learn More

Framed Vintage Glam Lady
Size: 15x20

Framed Vintage Glam Lady, Gold/blk, Size: 15x20 Learn More

Church On Lake
Size: 39x30

Church On Lake, Gold, Size: 39x30 Learn More

Happiness In Japanese Art
Size: 6x10

Happiness In Japanese Art, Black, Size: 6x10 Learn More

Love Word Art
Size: 24x11

Love Word Art, Burgundy, Size: 24x11 Learn More

Truth Word Art
Size: 13x13

Truth Word Art, Burgundy, Size: 13x13 Learn More

Wisdom Word Art
Size: 13x13

Wisdom Word Art, Burgundy, Size: 13x13 Learn More