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2pc Pale Pink&Grey Velour
Size: 6-12 M

2pc Pale Pink&Grey Velour, Lupilu, Size: 6-12 M Learn More

Cream LnSlv W/tulle Ruffl
Size: 6-12 M

Cream LnSlv W/tulle Ruffle, ONavy, Size: 6-12 M Learn More

White Faux Fur Rosettes
Size: 3-6 M

White Faux Fur Rosettes, ChloeLou, Size: 3-6 M 100% polyester Learn More

Microfleece Turq Wht Dots
Size: 9 M

Microfleece Turq Wht Dots with hood, Carters, Size: 9 M pink pockets Learn More

Red Brwn Stripe Truck
Size: 6 M

Red Brwn Stripe Truck, Pekkle, Size: 6 M 100% cotton Learn More

Red Navy Sleev Zip Nike
Size: 6 M

Red Navy Sleev Zip Nike, Nike, Size: 6 M 100% Cotton Learn More

Navy/White Woven Zip
Size: 12-18 M

Navy/White Woven Zip, Fagottino, Size: 12-18 M 100% Cotton Learn More

Fuchsia Blk/Wht Stripe
Size: 6-12 M

Fuchsia Blk/Wht Stripe, Bamboo, Size: 6-12 M Learn More

White Grey/Pnk Sidecart
Size: Sz 2

White Grey Pink Rabbits in Sidecart, Joe, Size: 2 Learn More

Navy Faux Denim Ruffle
Size: Sz 2

Navy Faux Denim Ruffle, Guess, Size: Sz 2 Learn More

White W/pnk/blue/orn Lace
Size: Sz 2

White W/pnk/blue/orn Lace, CPlace, Size: Sz 2 Learn More

Pink W/white Tulle Overla
Size: 24 M

Pink W/white Tulle Overla, Marmella, Size: 24 M Learn More