Lake Tahoe Depth Map
Size: 32x47.5

Lake Tahoe Depth Map, 1992, Size: 32x47.5 Learn More

Size: 31x24

Skis, Size: 31x24 Learn More

Carmel/Clearing Ray
Size: 20x13

Carmel Gallery "Clearing Ray". Size: 20x13" Learn More

Carmel/Mornig Mist
Size: 20x13

Carmel Gallery "Morning Mist" 20 x 13" Learn More

Carmel/Sunlit White Morni
Size: 20x13

Carmel Gallery "Sunlit White Morning" 20 x 13" Learn More

Fever Tree
Size: 24x12

Fever Tree, Acrylic, Size: 24x12" Learn More

Canvas/2 Chairs/dock

Canvas Art. Nice find. Learn More

Big Butt
$126.00 $189.00 (save 33%)

Big Butt, None, Size: None Learn More

Wood Frame
$89.00 $129.00 (save 31%)

Vintage Hand carved wood tramp art picture frame. 18" x 20" Popularized in the late 1800s and early 1900s, the term "tramp art" refers to hand-crafted, folk art made by layering small wood chips—often times from scrounged recycled materials such as cigar boxes. The edges of the wood were not carved, and the layers were held together with nails or with glue. Most tramp art items were made with simple tools such as a pocket knife. We believe this piece was made in Vermont. Learn More