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Millwards is all about bringing joy and contentment into the homes of those who know and seek the simple pleasure of being surrounded by beauty.

Whether it be a piece of art that evokes a particular emotion, the language a vintage piece of furniture speaks through its design and craftsmanship or maybe the conversations sparked by that one of kind piece, you will , no doubt, find it here.

Coffee Canister

Coffee Canister, White, Size: None Learn More

Ceramic Fire Pot

Ceramic Fire Pot, Blue, Size: None Learn More

China Polar Bear

China Polar Bear, White, Size: None Learn More

Royal Kent China Rabbit

Royal Kent China Rabbit, Wht/gld, Size: None Learn More

Mayfair & Jackson Bowl
Size: 8"

Mayfair & Jackson Bowl, Red/wht, Size: 8" Learn More

Vintage Gravy Boat&serv

Vintage Gravy Boat&serv, Crm/blu, Size: None Learn More

Garlic Zoom

Garlic Zoom, Clr/grn, Size: None Learn More

S & P Shakers Geese
Size: Set Of 2

S & P Shakers Geese, White, Size: Set Of 2 Learn More

Framed Leaves
Size: 20" X 18"

Framed Leaves, Multi, Size: 20" X 18" Learn More

Gold Bird Plexiglass
Size: 16"

Gold Bird Plexiglass, Gold, Size: 16" Learn More

Hand Painted - Silk- Cert

Hand Painted - Silk- Cert, Wht/past, Size: 21" x 16" Learn More

Decorative Bowl Set
Size: Set Of 2

Decorative Bowl Set, Gold, Size: Set Of 2 Learn More