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Cow In Field Art

33 by 19 Framed with floral detail Learn More

Gouda Vase

This vase is 6.15 inches tall and featuring beautiful red; green; and blue flowers with pops of yellow. Learn More

Zsolnay Dish

Roughly 5 inches wide by 5.5 inches tall; this piece shimmers beautifully in the light with hints of copper and aqua over its emerald surface. Learn More


This piece comes with a period mat that measures 13x15.5 and has an opening of 8.5x10.5. Learn More

Framed Sketch

Seaside scene Approx 6 x 7 Ready to hang Learn More


William McK Spierer signed Eventide 15 x 13 Wood frame Ready to hang Learn More


William McK Spierer signed Blue Shutters Wood Frame Ready to Hang 15 x 13 Learn More

Bronze Bust

Bronze figure with leaves and berries crowing its head. Beautiful bronze bust measures 13h. Shoulders measure 6 3/4 wide and base sits at 3 1/4 inches. Learn More

H. Rieder Bronze

Hans Rieders tribal bronze male stands ready with his bow. Eyes focused on his prize he stands at 15 1/2h with base at 5x3w. Learn More

Dancing Figure

You can almost hear the music! This female figure is sure to capture your attention. Twirling and dancing in a flouncy dress; this statue comes to life at 27inches tall. The 5 inch base; allows the subject to hold her Attitude position while gazing downward awaiting her next move. Beautiful condition! Learn More

Bronze Nymph With Deer

Bronze and wood Nymph with Deer. Situated on a wood base; the Nymph gently caresses the small Deer in hand. Stamped by artist Pierre-Alexandre Morlon (1879-1951) this 32w x 8d x 16h bronze is offered in great condition! Learn More

Bulio Bronze

Sitting Bulio bronze after the hunt. Resting figure atop a wolf carcass; playfully gazing at a seemingly un happy serpent ready to strike; wrapped around the tall staff. With a straw hat resting round the neck; this stamped BULIO 1860 bronze is 26 inches tall. Base is 14 inches. Learn More