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Our purpose is to raise operational funds for the Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation Center while serving the public’s need for a place to consign and purchase high quality, gently used & reasonably priced home furnishings, jewelry, artwork & decor.All proceeds from the store go directly to Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation Center to help the animals in our care.

Let's save some Critters!



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Lamp Table Vintage
Size: 24\" H

Lamp Table Vintage, Metal, Size: 24\" H Learn More

Cabinet Mexican
Size: 28x17x31

Cabinet Mexican, Wood, Size: 28x17x31 Learn More

Cabinet Mexican
Size: 50x24x78

Cabinet Mexican, Wood, Size: 50x24x78 Learn More

Console/Desk French
Size: 45x21x35

Console & Desk French, 19th Century, Size: 45x21x35 Christie's appraisal attached - value $6,000 Learn More

Cabinet Corner Accent
Size: 25x18x30

Cabinet Corner Accent, Wood, Size: 25x18x30 Learn More

Lamp Desk Ikea
Size: 17\"H

Ikea Task Lamp Size: 17\"H Learn More

Bowl Ceramic Peppercorn
Size: 14\"R

Ceramic Peppercorn Bowl Size: 14\"R Learn More

Bowl Art Glass Peppercorn
Size: 13\"R

Peppercorn glass bowl Size: 13\"R Learn More

Cabinet Shelves
Size: 32x20x74

Cabinet Shelves, MCM, Size: 32x20x74 Learn More

Hutch Domino Mobler
Size: 48x20x72

Hutch Domino Mobler, MCM, Size: 48x20x72 Learn More

Lamp Floor 3 Tiered
Size: 10x9x60

Lamp Floor 3 Tiered, White, Size: 10x9x60 Learn More

Bench Piano
Size: 24x12x19

Yamaha Piano Bench, NEW, Size: 24x12x19 Learn More