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If you’re looking for quality items that are unique, different, vintage or new…all at affordable values…where prices on most items in the store are reduced every 30 days, then come visit From the Heart Consignment Shop's two stores -  where shoppers can enjoy the thrill of the chase, finding a one-of-a-kind piece.

10mm Cultured Pearl/14kCl
Size: 18"

10mm Cultured Pearl/14kt gold Clasp ., Size: 18" Learn More

FLY London Wedge
Size: 9/39

FLY London Wedge, Black, Size: 9/39 Learn More

Longchamp Collapsible Bag
Size: .

Longchamp Collapsible Bag, Teal, Size: . Learn More

Mary Frances Beaded Bag
Size: .

Mary Frances Beaded Bag, Crm/Brn, Size: . Learn More

Kate Spade Fanny Pack
Size: .

Kate Spade Fanny Pack, Black, Size: . Learn More

NAOT Wedge Slide
Size: 41

NAOT Wedge Slide, Gold, Size: 41 Learn More

Tory Burch Wristlet
Size: .

Tory Burch Wristlet, Black, Size: . Learn More

Dansko Perforated
Size: 10/11(41)

Dansko Perforated, RedSlvr, Size: 10/11(41) Learn More

UGG Slip-on
Size: 10

UGG Slip-on, Gray, Size: 10 Learn More

Sorrelli Crystal Layered
Size: .

Sorrelli Crystal Layered, PinkSlvr, Size: . Learn More

Sorrelli Stud Drop Stone
Size: .

Sorrelli Stud Drop Stone, PinkSlvr, Size: . Learn More

Amy Kahn Green Pearl
Size: .

Alexis Kahn Green Pearl, Sterling, Size: . Learn More