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Vintage from the 1970s
BEAUTIFUL and amazingly RARE....these pieces are a gem to offer! Made even more rare in that it's an American made piece - by French Company of California - AND - Private Labeled for SAKS FIFTH AVENUE!
Authentic, as always, and wears Saks Fifth Avenue embossing in gold script in an inner pocket
A bit of history - these wonderful USA produced pieces were crafted from about the 1970's through the 1990's in order to assist LV in keeping up with the extremely high demand for their products here in the USA. They collaborated and partnered with French Company of California - a luxury luggage producer - and Vuitton licensed them during these years. All pieces produced through French are absolutely authentic and a treat to find available due to their limited time of production! Additional info is available online from several sources if you might enjoy researching it further!
#33279 Coin/Wallet $360