Welcome to our Online Showroom!

Welcome!  This page is a "sneak peak" of our online showroom for the the Furniture Barn at the Consignment Cottage.  Our target date for completion is FALL 2019, when most furniture will be online.   

In the meantime, call 412/262-0833 if you're looking for something in particular, or just come visit!  

If you're looking for  better label and boutique women's fashions or home decor at Consignment Cottage, visit the ABOUT page which will redirect you to our main website. 

Thanks and happy resale shopping!



Barn Door
Size: 32.5 X 79

Barn Door, Yellow, Size: 32.5 X 79 2 hooks on top Great color Learn More

Barn Door
Size: 29 X 70

Barn Door, Red, Size: 29 X 70 Really fun color! Learn More

Vintage Door
Size: 28.5 X 77

Vintage Door, Crackled, Size: 28.5 X 77 Knobs intact both sides Learn More

Vintage Door
Size: 28 X 75

Vintage Door, Wood, Size: 28 X 75 1 intact knob, 1 broken knob Learn More

Vintage Door With Window
Size: 36 X 90

Unusual vintage door with window. Size: 36 X 90 Beautiful crackling! Would be a great wall display with a picture behind the window or paint/stencil the window. Learn More

Barn Door
Size: 31.5 X 59

Barn Door, White, Size: 31.5 X 59 Heavier than average; great shape! Interesting hardware. Learn More

Repurposed Stereo
Size: Z

Repurposed Stereo. Great bar or console! Handpainted with Fusion Mineral Paint. Color: Casement Learn More

Route 66 School Desk
Size: -

Vintage School Desk, handpainted/stenciled with Fusion Mineral Paint (Little Lamb) Learn More

Repurposed Butter Churn
Size: Z

Repurposed Butter Churn, Wood with glass top. Personalize interior of end table with seasonal decor, battery light strands or items of interest. Learn More

Antique Dresser 4 Drawer
Size: AS IS

Antique Dresser 4 Drawer, Wood. Learn More

Size: Large

Wood hutch Learn More

Kitchen Table
Size: Medium

Round oak table Learn More