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If you’re looking for that one of a kind piece, have a design in mind that you need to come to life, or looking to sell jewelry that no longer gets worn, come in to Consign Jewelry today.

From modern to traditional, Consign Jewelry offers jewelry to fit any occasion. We carry all types of jewelry including rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces.

14k 4.5ct Peridot .35ctw
Low +Buyers Fee: BAHH

14k 4.5ct Peridot .35ctw, Size: BAHH 14K White Gold 4.5ct Peridot Ring with 28 Brilliant white Diamonds. Learn More

LV Montsouris MM Mono
Low +Buyers Fee: TKH

LV Montsouris MM Mono, None, Size: TKH Learn More

LV Batignolles Tote Mono
Low +Buyers Fee: IHH

LV Batignolles Tote Mono, Size: IHH Learn More

LV Montsouris Backpack
Low +Buyers Fee: Bhkh

LV Montsouris Backpack, Bhkh 1998 Learn More

LV Galleria PM Mono
Low +Buyers Fee: THH

LV Galleria PM Mono, THH Condition: good year 2008 Learn More

LV Portfolio Mono
Low +Buyers Fee: BCHH

LV Portfolio Mono, None, BCHH Learn More

LV Felice Crossbody DA
Low +Buyers Fee: MKH

LV Felicie Crossbody DA, None, Size: MKH Learn More

14k YG 0.3ctw Dia Ring
Low +Buyers Fee: KMH

14k YG 0.3ctw Dia Ring, None, Size: KMH Learn More

Longine 14k Watch Spleidl
Low +Buyers Fee: MTH

Longines 14k Watch Spleidl, None, Size: MTH Learn More

14k Filigree 1ct Dia Ring
Low +Buyers Fee: IHH

14k Filigree 1ct Dia Ring Learn More

LV Neverfull DE GM
Low +Buyers Fee: BAHH

LV Neverfull DE GM Excellent used condition Learn More

Low +Buyers Fee: BLLK

LV Alma PM DE Excellent used condition Learn More