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If you’re looking for that one of a kind piece, have a design in mind that you need to come to life, or looking to sell jewelry that no longer gets worn, come in to Consign Jewelry today.

From modern to traditional, Consign Jewelry offers jewelry to fit any occasion. We carry all types of jewelry including rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces.

18k 1/2ct Diamond Em Cut
Low +Buyers Fee: BLHH

18k 1/2ct Emerald Cut Diamond Earrings with 28 Brialliant white Halo Diamonds 18k 1/2ct Diamond Em Cut, Size: BLHH Learn More

14k .50ct Opal Dia Earrin
Low +Buyers Fee: CKH

14k White Gold .50ct Opal Diamond Earrings with 52 Brilliant white Diamonds. 14k .50ct Opal Dia Earrin, Size: CKH Learn More

14k 1.82ct Sapphire Earri
Low +Buyers Fee: LCHH

14k WG 1.82ct Sapphire Earrings .25ctw DIA with 66 Brilliant white diamonds 14k 1.82ct Sapphire Earri, Size: LCHH Learn More

14K .40ctw Dia Fancy Band
Low +Buyers Fee: SHH

14K WG .40ctw Diamond Fancy Band w/ 21 Brilliant white diamonds. 14K .40ctw Dia Fancy Band, Size: SHH Learn More

14k WG .70ctw Dia Ring
Low +Buyers Fee: BBHH

14k WG .70ctw Fancy Diamond Ring with 32 brilliant white diamonds. 14k WG .70ctw Dia Ring, Size: BBHH Learn More

14k .18ctw Diamond Ring
Low +Buyers Fee: CHH

14k .18ctw Diamond Fashion O Ring 14k .18ctw Diamond Ring, Size: CHH Learn More

14k WG .12 Ctw Band
Low +Buyers Fee: AMK

14k WG .12ctw Diamond Wedding Band with 23 Brilliant White Diamonds 14k WG .12 Ctw Band, None, Size: AMK Learn More

14k .60ct Opal W/Dia
Low +Buyers Fee: IHH

14k Yellow Gold .60ct Opal Ring w/34 Brilliant Diamonds 14k .60ct Opal W/Dia, Size: IHH Learn More

14k 1.10ct Smokey Quartz
Low +Buyers Fee: CKH

14k White Gold 1.10ct Smokey Quartz Ring with 20 Brilliant White Diamonds 14k 1.10ct Smokey Quartz, Size: CKH Learn More

14k .44ctw Dia Ring
Low +Buyers Fee: MKH

14k white gold .44ctw with 25 Brilliant White Diamond Ring 14k .44ctw Dia Ring, Size: MKH Learn More

14K 8.73ct Amethyst
Low +Buyers Fee: IKH

14K WG 8.73CT Amethyst Ring with 40 Brilliant White Diamonds 14K 8.73ct Amethyst, Size: IHH Learn More

18k 2.25 Ctw Saph/Tsavori
Low +Buyers Fee: BCHH

18K WG 2.25 ctw Sapphire/Tsavorite Ring with 36 Brilliant white Diamonds. The perfect Seattle Seahawks Ring ;) 18k 2.25 Ctw Sapp/Tsavorite , Size: BCHH Learn More