Welcome to our Online Store!

Consign Furniture in Liberty Lake, WA carries one of the largest selections of consignment furniture in the United States. With our flagship store located in Reno, NV, we are now happy to serve the Eastern Washington and North Idaho region with our Liberty Lake location.

Our showroom has been designed to present beautiful pieces at affordable prices. Looking to spruce up your office, living room, or backyard? Consign Furniture has just the piece for you!

Old Hickory 4 Piece Dark
Size: MTH

Old Hickory 4 Piece Dark, H25, Size: MTH Learn More

Mission Slate Oak Bar
Size: SIH

Mission Slate Oak Bar, H25, Size: SIH Learn More

Lion Entry Cabinet
Size: ACH

Lion Entry Cabinet, H19, Size: ACH Learn More

Size: LCIK


Motion Console LS
Size: MIK

Motion Console LS, U7122, Size: MIK Learn More

Table+8 Chairs+2 Leaves
Size: IHH

Table+8 Chairs+2 Leaves, H13, Size: IHH Learn More

96 Two Piece Ent. Center.
Size: BKHH

96 Two Piece Ent. Center., H13, Size: BKHH Learn More

Metal Custom Bench
Size: TBH

Metal Custom Bench, H13, Size: TBH Learn More

Ballard Ent. Stand
Size: ACK

Ballard Ent. Stand, H13, Size: ACK Learn More

Basett Gray Loveseat
Size: SIH

Basett Gray Loveseat, H13, Size: SIH Learn More

Pub Table W/ 2 Barstools
Size: LMKH

Pub Table W/ 2 Barstools, H13, Size: LMKH Learn More

Gray NH Wingback Wide
Size: LIK

Gray NH Wingback Wide, H12, Size: LIK Learn More