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Mandie And The Forbidden
Series/Author F: #4Mandie

mandie and the Forbidden Attic Lois Gladys Leppard Mandie #4 Christian Fiction Mystery What can be causing the mysterious noises in the school attic? How can Mandie and her friends find out without getting into trouble? Ages 8-13. Learn More

Mandie And The Secret
Series/Author F: #1Mandie

Mandie and the secret tunnel Lois Gladys Leppard Mandie #1 Christian Fiction Mystery Mandie Shaw, almost a teenager, is certain God no longer loves her as she watches her father being lowered into his grave. Mandie's move into a neighbor family's home, when her mother remarries, does not soften her grief. Her only comfort is the promise from her father's faithful Cherokee friend, Uncle Ned, to watch out for her and be a friend. Will Mandie be able to escape her new and nearly intolerable home situation? Will she find her long-lost family? Will the mysterious key unlock the door to the secret tunnel and her own family's history? For children 8-13, mystery adventures set in the North Carolina backwoods at the turn of the century. (less) Learn More

Whistle Stop West
Series/Author F: 2 Orphans

Paperback Arleta Richardson The Orphans' Journey #2 HIstorical Fiction Christian Fiction In the early 1900s countless orphans rode the Orphan Train West in search of new homes and new lives. This series is based on the true story of Ethan Cooper. Throughout the series, the children learn to trust God to help them with unexpected surprises. Learn More

The Mystery Of African Gr
Series/Author F: Three Cous

Paperback Elspeth Campbell Murphy Three Cousins Detectie Club #22 Religous Fiction Mystery His neighbor's new African gray parrot gives Titus and his two cousins a new mystery to solve. Learn More

Terror In The Stadium
Series/Author F: Left Behin

Paperback Jerry Jenkins Left Behind: The Kids #17 Christian Fiction In a daring escape, Judd and Lionel fly to Jerusalem with Mr. Stein for the Meeting of the Witnesses. Meanwhile at the schoolhouse, the kids discover a secret underground passage, and Vicki tries to persuade Melinda not to turn them in to the Global Community. Excitement builds as the witnesses converge on Jerusalem to begin their meetings. But will Nicolae keep his promise of safety for all who attend? Join the Young Trib Force as they continue to learn from Tsion Ben-Judah and try to evade their enemies. Learn More

The Chicken Pox Panic
Series/Author F: Beverly

paperback Beverly Lewis Cul de sac Kids #2 Christian Fiction Abby Hunter plans a birthday cake her brother will never forget. Will she be able to keep it a secret from him? Or will her little sister's big mouth get in the way?As the party day nears, Abby's best friend, Stacy Henry, needs help solving a family mystery. Abby goes broke playing detective. Then, one after another, the Cul-de-sac Kids break out with the chicken pox! What could be worse? Learn More

The Double Dabble Surpris
Series/Author F: Beverly

paperback Beverly Lewis Cul de Sac Kids #1 Christian Fiction Abby Hunter and her little sister, Carly, can't wait to meet their new Korean sisters. They buy "welcome home" presents to take to the airport. But the plane arrives without the Korean girls.Where are they? What could have happened? Abby and her Cul-de-sac friends on Blossom Hill Lane are in for an amazing surprise. Maybe for the surprise of their lives! Learn More

Twister And Shout
Series/Author F: Mcgee And

Paperback Bill Myers McGee and Me! #5 Christian Fiction Meet Nick Martin, a normal kid with an unusual friend—the lively, animated McGee! These companion books to the award-winning videos develop the themes to a greater degree, presenting kids with important values. (Ages 8 to 12) In "#5 Twister and Shout, " a tornado hits Eastfield while Nick's parents are gone. Nick discovers that trusting God means not having to worry about being alone or afraid. Learn More

LarryBoy And The Awful Ea
Series/Author F: LarryBoy

Paperback LarryBoy and the Awful Ear Wacks Attacks LarryBoy #2 Bob Katula "Ear wacks have attacked Bumblyburg! LarryBoy’s fiendish nemesis, Alvin the Onion, is behind it and has unleashed the awful ear wacks to interfere with being a good listener. When LarryBoy falls into Alvin’s awful trap and he can no longer listen, it’s up to Junior Asparagus and LarryBoy’s faithful butler and mentor, Archie, to foil the evil plot. What will come of Bumblyburg now that their superhero is under Alvin’s awful spell? Will Junior and Archie be able to convince LarryBoy to listen to them in time to save Bumblyburg? Will LarryBoy’s super-suction ears be saturated with evil for all time? Alvin’s out to rule the city and LarryBoy forever!" Learn More

The Upside Down Day
Series/Author F: Cul De Sac

paperback Beverly Lewis Cul De Sac Kids #23 It's school spirit day at Blossom Hill School, and even the students' new teacher, Miss Hershey, is joining the wacky fun. Yet when the new girl dares the Cul-de-sac Kids to guess her secret, they all try to uncover the mystery. Learn More

The Mayflower Secret
Series/Author F: Dave

Paperback Dave Jackson Trailblazer Books Christian Fiction Elizabeth Tilley's parents did not survive the Mayflower's trip to America, and she is on her own. But what about the secret she has held since the fateful night when William Bradford's young wife disappeared? Ages 8-12. Learn More

The Door In The Dragons T
Series/Author F: Frank

Paperback Frank Peretti The Cooper Kids Adventures #1 A mystery as old as the desert sands... When teenagers Jay and Lila Cooper and their archaeologist father travel to Nepur, an uninviting land of deserts and danger, they must search to uncover the truth behind an ancient legend. Locals claim that inside a dark cavern called the Dragon's Throat is a forbidden Door that brings certain death to anyone who tries to open it. Armed with the knowledge that God is more powerful than any legend or curse, Jay and Lila plunge down into the Dragon's Throat, determined to find out what awaits them on the other side of the Door. This daring tale will have you on the edge of your seat. Learn More