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Paperback sizes are the larger paperbacks unless listed as Mass market Paperback.  Because we have just started doing this many books will not have this listed. You can tell by the pricing.  Mass Market Paperbacks typically range $1-3.  Hardcovers are the regular size, unless listed as smaller hardcover. 

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Now Picture This
Series/Author: 9 Sierra

Paperback - Great Now Picture This by Robin Jones Gunn From the bestselling author of The Christy Miller Series, this series centers around Christy Miller's friend Sierra Jensen. Sierra is a spunky and bold sixteen-year-old with big dreams and unconventional clothes. Today's teens can truly relate to what is going on in Sierra's life -- whether it's friendships, dating, or learning to trust in God. Sierra shows readers how to have a relationship with Jesus Christ and how to grow in their commitment to Him. Learn More

Mad Fortune Hunters
Series/Author: 5 Sadie Ro

Paperback - Good Sadie Rose and the Mad Fortune Hunters (Sadie Rose Adventure #5) by Hilda Stahl Sadie can't believe her eyes -- the crazy Malda family have left two of their children in trade for Riley's colt She and her brother try to straighten things out in Book 5 of this exciting pioneer series. Learn More

The Case Of The Looney Cr
Series/Author: 5 New Suga

Paperback - Good New Sugar Creek Gang #5 The Case of the Loony Cruise Pauline Hutchens Wilson , Sandy Dengler Les's dad invites the Sugar Creek Gang to Minnesota for a camping trip. The group grows when Les's dad agrees to take along the daughter of one of his friends. At first, Lisa, their new guest, appears glamorous, but soon they discover she is a trouble maker. When Lisa gets the group lost in the woods she gets a chance to see what true friendship is all about. Learn More

The Case Of The Cold Turk
Series/Author: 3 New Suga

Paperback - Good The Case of the Cold Turkey by Pauline Hutchens Wilson The Sugar Creek Gang is pulled into mystery when sheep, fawns, rabbits, and other animals are found dead in their area. Could wolves be responsible for these attacks? While investigating this mystery, Les decided he wants to become a world class chef and struggles to learn how God could be speaking through him to others. Learn More

The Case Of The Monster I
Series/Author: 6 New Suga

Paperback - Good The Case of the Monster in the Creek by Pauline Hutchens Wilson When Bits claims she was almost eaten by a monster near the Sugar Creek, the gang goes investigating. They find plants that have been torn out of the ground but, before they learn anything, the police kick the kids out of the park at the request of a 'cranky lady.' As the Creekers try to learn what they can, Les finds himself babysitting his unruly cousin. Before the mystery is solved, the Sugar Creek Gang learns an important lesson on discipline and obedience to God and authority. Learn More

The Case Of The Red Hot P
Series/Author: 1 New Suga

Paperback - Good The Case of the Red Hot Possum The Case of the Red Hot Possum by Pauline Hutchens Wilson After reading all the old Sugar Creek Gang books, a new group of kids decide to re-form the old gang. It's not long before the adventures begin! Les finds a possum caught in a trap while walking in a local forest preserve. The gang's suspicions are raised. After eating at a local dinner that serves a popular possum stew, he and his new friends set out to discover where all these possums are coming from. Learn More

The Case Of The Dinosaur
Series/Author: 4 New Suga

Paperback - Good The Case of the Dinosaur in the Desert by Pauline Hutchens Wilson When Lynn wins the 'Can You Draw the Best Dinosaur?' contest, she and the rest of the Creekers get to travel to Arizona to help with a real dinosaur dig. While there, items begin to mysteriously disappear from the site, and one of the paleontologists blames the Gang. Les and his friends learn an important lesson on forgiving their enemies and the value of prayer. Learn More