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Send Me Down A Miracle
Series/Author: Han

Paperback - Great Send Me Down a Miracle by Han Nolan A sleepy community in Alabama erupts in chaos when a flamboyant artist from New York City returns to her hometown for an artistic experiment. Ultimately Charity, the young artist, learns that neither of her idols is infallible--and that growing up means developing a sense of self apart from the expectations of others. Learn More

Series/Author: 3 Virtual

Paperback - Great Backfire (Virtual Reality #3) by William Kritlow Like Satan's attempts to lure away God's children, a twisted plot in virtual reality threatens Tim when he is caught in his own computer program. Learn More

A Race Against Time
Series/Author: 1 Virtual

Paperback - Great A Race Against Time (Virtual Reality #1) by William Kritlow A life-threatening virus which only affects adults has broken out, and teens Kelly and Tim are the only ones smart enough to find a cure. The catch--it's hidden in virtual reality and can only be retrieved by responding correctly to the program's biblically-based questions. Learn More

On The Run
Series/Author: 1 Elijah P

Paperback - Great On the Run (The Elijah Project #1) by Bill Myers (Goodreads Author), James Riordan (Contributor) In book one, On the Run, Elijah’s supernatural gifts have drawn the attention of dark forces. Separated from their parents, Zach and Piper (with a lot of help from heaven) must protect their little brother. Learn More

Out Of Time
Series/Author: David

Paperback - Great Out of Time by David Ward In the futuristic Perimeter One Adventures, the price of adventure is high, but the Graham family can overcome the toughest challenges, knowing that God prevails in all things. In #3, the Grahams are challenged by time itself in a race against the clock. Learn More

Riley Mae And The Rock
Series/Author: GoodNews

Paperback - Great Jill Osborne Riley Mae and the Rock Shocker Trek (The Good News Shoes) Young Reader Religious Fiction If you’re gonna run for your life, you gotta wear the right shoes. Riley Mae Hart loves sports and action—so when the Swiftriver Shoe Company offers her a contract to be the spokesperson for their new outdoor sport collection, she jumps at the chance. Soon she’s appearing in commercials and magazine ads, and every girl in town wants to wear Riley Mae shoes. Well, except for Riley. Because walking in those shoes means missing out on softball season, making her best friend, TJ, mad, and embarrassing her new friend, Rusty. It also means sneaking around, hiding, and keeping secrets—because something isn’t quite right at Swiftriver. But a contract’s a contract, so Riley laces up her “Rock Shocker” hiking boots for a climb up Half-Dome in Yosemite. Will they be the right shoes to get her back on solid ground? Learn More

Just Plain Foolishness
Series/Author: 6 Rachel Y

Paperback - Great Just Plain Foolishness (Rachel Yoder — Always Trouble Somewhere #6) by Wanda E. Brunstetter (Goodreads Author) Welcome back to Lancaster County, and join lovable and outrageously rambunctious eleven-year-old Rachel Yoder, as she learns an important lesson about contentment. Rachel Yoder embarks on a topsy-turvy adventure, as she experiences feelings of jealousy and discontent with the arrival of a new baby sister and longings for things she doesn't have. . .'ventually learning that she's still special and that \"things\" don't bring real happiness. Learn More

The Auctors Riddle
Series/Author: 1 Landon S

Hardcover - Great Landon Snow and the Auctor's Riddle (Landon Snow #1) by R.K. Mortenson DON'T FALL IN. {THIS BOOK MAY SWALLOW.} Just ask Landon Snow. He could tell you all about being swallowed by a book. Or falling from the sky on horseback. Or fleeing a hail of arrows through an enchanted forest. Or watching a gigantic gold coin flipping into the sky. And wondering. . . Could it be chance, mere circumstance? When Landon's grandfather suffers a minor accident in Button Up, Minnesota, Landon asks the cosmic question: \"Could life itself be an accident?\" Pages in an ancient Bible mysteriously turn, and a bookcase opens to reveal a secret passageway. Tumbling through the \"Book of Meanings\" into another world full of puzzles and creatures called Odds. Landon teams up with a horse named Melech to find Vates, the poet/prophet behind strange messages. The greatest question of all still remains for Landon to answer. How will he solve the Auctor's Riddle? So don't just stand there (or sit or lie or hang from a tree limb) reading this back cover. Open the book and take a look. But do be careful not to lean in too closely. . . (Gulp!) Learn More

The Last Acer
Series/Author: Mckenzie

Paperback - Good The Last Acer (Spirit Hearts Book 1) by McKenzie Dempsey (Goodreads Author) With troubles at home, thirteen-year-old Travis Wegner spends most of his time alone sneaking outdoors, where he seeks inner peace. But one day after a dark and stormy night, Travis meets a very unlikely companion. Sarora is a gryphon, with the head of a hawk, the body of a lioness, and the makings of a true friend. As you may know, when you become a legendary animal's best friend, freaky things can happen. After touching a very powerful and magical gem, the Crystal of Courage, Travis's whole world turns upside down. A connection with the crystal gives Travis powers that not even Sarora can explain. Knowing that there is only one way to figure out his destiny, Sarora takes Travis on a wild journey to someone who has knowledge of all the magical powers and will teach him who he can become. Along the way, Travis faces many dangers and meets unlikely allies. But nothing could prepare him for this experience of a lifetime...a journey to meet the last Acer. The Last Acer is the first book in a four book series, Spirit Hearts. During his journeys, Travis and his friends face difficult decisions, dangerous enemies, and the foreboding prophecy spoken about \"one who is courageous, one who is just, and one who is wise...who will bring the darkness to its demise.\" However, with the evil titan, Lord Trazon, growing stronger each day, those aligned with Travis may find it impossible to win the war. Will Travis and team stand a chance at defeating the darkness and creating a land of peace? Learn More

Prince Caspian
Series/Author: C S

Paperback - Fair Prince Caspian (The Chronicles of Narnia (Publication Order) #2) by C.S. Lewis The four Pevensies help Caspian battle Miraz and ascend his rightful throne. Narnia... the land between the lamp-post and the castle of Cair Paravel, where animals talk, where magical things happen... and where adventure begins. Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy are returning to boarding school when they are summoned from the dreary train station (by Susan's own magic horn) to return to the land of Narnia—the land where they had ruled as kings and queens and where their help is desperately needed. Learn More

Tomorrows Promise
Series/Author: #10Cedar

Paperback - Like New Tomorrow's Promise (Cedar River Daydreams #10) by Judy Baer Book 10 in the Cedar River Daydreams. Lexi must face the problems connected with her grandmother's illness. Learn More

Inside Prince Caspian
Series/Author: Devin

Paperback - Great Inside Prince Caspian: A Guide to Exploring the Return to Narnia by Devin Brown The Chronicles of Narnia series has sold over 85 million copies worldwide and introduced people of all ages to the central doctrines of Christianity. Anticipating the May 2008 Walden Media/Walt Disney Pictures release of The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian, this book guides readers through the second novel of the Chronicles of Narnia series. As he did in the successful Inside Narnia, Devin Brown takes readers through Prince Caspian chapter by chapter, illuminating the features of C. S. Lewis's writing, providing supplemental information on Lewis's life and other books, offering comments and opinions from other Lewis scholars, and uncovering the work's rich meanings. Long-time fans of C. S. Lewis and those who have met him through the movies will want to read Inside Prince Caspian. Learn More